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The story follows Sylvie Leroux, an experienced archeologist, who joins forces with mysterious Count Saint-Germain, to discover how much truth the legend of the Tree of Life contains.

The game features:

  • Engrossing storyline full of thrilling and suspenseful plot twists
  • 70 different locations that intertwine with the story’s adventure and enhance the game’s atmosphere
  • Adventure and hidden object gameplay that utilizes logic and analysis, as well as several mini games that create an entertaining and riveting game play experience

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Posted by Trevor Chan

A pleasant, if stumpy, puzzler

Many puzzle games that originated on the PC have made a successful transition to the DS; following their lead is City Interactive's latest handheld release, a scaled down version of Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life from 2009. Especially in the case...

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City Interactive Moving Towards 3DS

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