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The fastest, most dangerous racer on home consoles is now the fastest, most dangerous racer on the DS, with Burnout Legends. Taking the series' award-winning speed, action and attitude on the road, Burnout Legends combines the best moments in the franchise's history with exclusive features, gameplay and connectivity. The ultimate quick-hit of on-the-go gameplay, Burnout Legends includes tricked-out tracks from Burnout, Burnout 2: Point of Impact and Burnout 3: Takedown, updated for aggressive racing on the DS. Burnout Legends gives new meaning to Road Rage with all new cars, scores of unlockable surprises and nine updated classic gameplay modes, from Crash and Burning Lap to Pursuit and Eliminator. Gamers can also spend endless hours with Burnout Legends' suite of multiplayer options and a wireless Single-Card Play option where friends can play head-to-head with one cartridge.


  • Burnout Legends captures the series' blistering speed and intensity, delivering the fastest, most dangerous racing experience available on the DS. Blinking is overrated
  • Burnout Legends includes updated versions of the best tracks and cars from the Burnout library all tricked out for aggressive driving and maximum takedowns on the DS
  • Gamers can take down their friends in up to five-player WiFi action in Race and Pursuit modes
  • Gamers can upload a level of Burnout Legends to their friend's DS via the Single-Card Play facility so they can both play with one cartridge
  • A new scoring system does away with multipliers, challenging gamers to strategically launch their car into traffic in search of the biggest, Hollywood-style crashes imaginable
  • The cops are back! Get behind the wheel of all-new police cars for the ultimate game of high-speed cat-and-mouse

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Posted by Anthony Dickens

It's proven on consoles, but how will Burnout translate onto the handhelds?

The wonderful world of Burnout: easily my favourite racing series of the last decade. With Burnout: Revenge I'd even suggest that the series has surpassed the infamous Ridge Racer franchise. Each game in the series has developed further and always seems...

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WiiGuy said:

I didn't know ledgends was made for DS
i'll have to check this one out!



legochesser said:

I've this one, fantastic gameplay, it's th gameplay from Burnout 3, but most of tracks from Burnout 2, and some from Burnout 3, and from both the funniest parts, like pursuit, road rage, crash and race. Why did this game never released on the original XBoX, or PlayStation 2?



Azikira said:

Burnout Legends for the DS may possibly be the most violent and addictive game on the handheld. Its got the fun explosive racing of the console games, its got a TON of cars, dozens of tracks, a decent soundtrack, and did I mention the explosions? Yeah there's a lot of those. The gameplay is very smooth, even with 4 players on the screen exploding. There are a few weird hitches in the walls every now and then, like driving into a pole only to be pushed to the left. While its strange, in no way does it take from the fun. Oh I think I forgot to mention the explosions. Download play is always a plus, even if its only on one map. But the map in question is a very nicely designed one from the console versions, so you wont get too many complaints about it. All in all, if you like racing, smashing into other cars, and explosions left and right, Burnout Legends is the game for you! =3

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