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Key Features:

  • Touch Screen controls! Story Mode and Attraction Mode take full advantage of the Touch Screen and stylus.
  • Colorful Cast of Characters! Besides everybody’s favorite, the classic Bomberman, there are tons of interesting characters to interact with.
  • Up to 8-Player Wireless Single-Card Play! Attraction Mode and Battle Mode both support wireless multiplayer action with only one Game Card required!
  • Incredible longevity! A 15-hour Story Mode, 36 stages in the Attraction Mode, and 20 stages in the Battle Mode.

Story Mode
Explore the pirate theme park Bomber Island as the cheerful Bomberman. Trigger special events and solve puzzles to further the story. Take on CPU opponents in various attractions to earn items and gate keys. Complete the quest to become the Pirate King, and to unlock a special reward for experienced gamers.

The Top Screen displays the player’s inventory (items, tokens, and equipment) and a map of the current zone. There are five zones: a harbor town, a mountainous region, an aquarium, a jungle, and a castle.

The Touch Screen displays the Bomb Pad icon, allowing access to an in-game terminal with which the player can check his states, change gameplay options, and save or load his progress. There are also shortcut icons for saving, switching equipment, and checking fictional in-game e-mail.

Attraction Mode

  1. to 4 players can play any of the 36 attractions that have been completed in Story Mode. The attractions feature action, sports, racing, and other themes. Some attractions also take advantage of the DS Microphone (for example, to extinguish a lit fuse, the player blows into the Microphone). High scores for each attraction are tracked to encourage competition.

Mode 1 to 8 players can engage in classic Bomberman action via Wireless Single-Card or Multi-Card Play, and 1 to 4 players via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The + Control Pad is used to move Bomberman, while each of the 20 stages sprawls across both screens.

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