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Build the 7 Wonders of the World!

7 Wonders II instantly transports you back in time to faraway lands to complete an unbelievable mission: building the 7 Wonders. This new adventure introduces you to forgotten, yet magnificent structures such as Stonehenge and the Taj Mahal. You'll be dazzled with incredible new power-ups and bonuses and intrigued as you receive pieces of a hidden map, which ultimately uncovers a secret route leading to a wondrous sight that only the best get to see.

Whether you are returning to 7 Wonders or new to the game, 7 Wonders II will mystify you!

Key Game Features:

  • Same great game; totally fresh look and feel
  • Explore, learn about and build 7 new Wonders
  • Explosive new power-ups such as the Single Cell Bomb and Timer Freeze
  • Choose what section of the Wonder to build and track your progress

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

Not much of a sequel

A few years ago, MumboJumbo published the Hot Lava-developed 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, a very average Bejeweled clone. Since then, our standards for DS puzzle fare have gotten a little bit higher, and MumboJumbo has updated its previous release to...

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Rawden said:

I know this is an old game, but having spent hours of frustration trying to figure out the last map piece secret level, and not understanding why the online solution I found didn't work, I thought I'd leave this for any equally frustrated player in case they came looking for the answer.

Firstly, it's not you - it's the game!! When the level generates some sets of tiles are fixed and some sets are randomly generated. The problem with this level is that there is a bug meaning that one of the sets that should be fixed is randomised. If you don't see two yellow bells bottom right (just above and left of the bottom right ice ball) then the level is impossible! If you do then it is easy!

In the end I tried and tried again to solve this level, resorting to switching it off if I was about to fail, then playing the main level through again to open the secret level again - many times! I was becoming convinced that it was actually impossible (and the company had done it on purpose to spite me and save the hassle of designing a bonus eigth wonder at all!) when suddenly there the bells were and it was simple.

A very annoying bug, but worth getting past to enjoy the extra set of levels for Peru!

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