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Sweet Memories Blackjack is a card game that allows you to play blackjack with a number of different girls,

These Japanese high school girls are cute, and sweet additions to the poker club you've created.

One day, an old neighbour named Kasumi enrolled at your school, after moving back to the city. Your parents are acquaintances, so she is staying at your home.

You have sweet childhood memories of the time spent with her. One look at Kasumi, and the memories will return. The time you spend playing blackjack together increases the connection between you, and you will find out that she is the perfect match for you.

Game features:

In Normal mode, you can place higher wagers with different members of the poker club
In Score mode, you beat your opponent by gaining a higher score
At any time of the morning or night, you will learn more about Kasumi
Completing special achievements unlocks gallery items

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not fond memories

Sweet Memories Blackjack is a strange arrival on the 3DS eShop, with a Japanese concept and style that typically doesn’t make it outside of the Land of the Rising Sun. While card games are common on DSiWare, this 3DS exclusive follows a different...

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tovare said:

It's a nice spin on a simple game. It's fairly easy to win for beginners applying the most basic blackjack strategies, the opponent doesn't automaticly hit hard and sometimes stays on 13,14 etc and it appears to be a single deck only.. A few of the opponents are not available in the evening, which is a shame because blackjack is suited for mindless procastination. It seems to take a lot of grindig to get anything to happen, and there's not a lot in there. The soft music and japanese speech makes this a release to consider as a meditation exercise. Presentation and user interface is flawless.

Unlocked memories can be replayed from the main screen, I do wish there was a much larger story to be played through. (There probably should have been zombies in the story too :-) )

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