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The evil Mr. Wang Gang has kidnapped Johnny’s girlfriend! Become the situational Kung Fu expert and rescue her!

Johnny Kung Fu™ is an old school action game that mixes the old with the new! Johnny Kung Fu™ puts you into the Kung Fu garb of a seemingly everyday man Johnny. The local organized crime group Mr. Wang, led by the mysterious man known as Mr. Wang, seems to have a bone to pick with Johnny and has captured his girlfriend Paula.

Knowing that an ambush awaits him, Johnny chases the kidnappers into one of Mr. Wang’s hideout towers regardless. Will Johnny be able to save Paula? Or will the Mr. Wang Gang prevail?

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Like a punch to the Wang

We're on to you, UFO Interactive. You've released these side-scrolling action games every few months now and, we'll admit, each one has had a fairly interesting premise — a samurai slicer with RPG elements and a zombie-flavored rhythm game? We can dig...

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News: Johnny Kung Fu for eShop Goes All Game & Watch

Johnny Kung Fu for eShop Goes All Game & Watch

Bleep blorp

UFO Interactive's supporting the 3DS eShop pretty heavily: it's already released Samurai Sword Destiny and has Zombie Slayer Diox lined up for this week. It's got another project in the works in the old-school shape of Johnny Kung Fu. The side-scrolling beat 'em up has a stage based on the classic Game & Watch LCD display, where...

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TheDreamingHawk said:

I don't know which is worse The fact that Nintendo Power said that it should be out very soon (Which would probably block out a 3DS VC or a good 3DSWare release), or the fact that it's made by UFO. I hope that it's actually good, though. Anything Game and Watch related has the potential to be good in my book.



Barbiegurl777 said:


I've been reading articles on here for quite a while & never signed up on this site until now. (BTW to the people writing the game articles on here: I really enjoy reading the game articles you guy's write on here! Awesome job! XD)

& no offense there are some people on here who actually do like UFO Interactive's games. Myself for one & there not all rubbish like how everybody on here think's there games suck guess what not all the games UFO Interactive put's out are all bad.

I have:

Chuck E. Cheese Arcade Room - Dsiware
Chuck E. Cheese Party Games - DS
Chuck E. Cheese Super Collection - Wii
Zombie Slayer Diox - 3dsware
Johnny Kung Fu - 3dsware (Downloading it as soon as it's released)

I give UFO Interactive credit for the e-shop there at least trying to release some decent/good titles how about instead of constantly bashing them give them a little bit of credit for a change.

Try some of there games you'll find that there not all bad.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



grumblegrumble said:

I just downloaded this and am LOVING IT! Great graphics, cute retro themed scenes and music, great gameplay... More impressions coming soon



Rococoman said:


The only reason I can imagine for owning all of those games is if you are an employee for UFO.

The trailer for this one looks pretty interesting, but this already got panned by Nintendo World Report. How does a company have the resources to make cool art and get the licensing rights to Chuck E Cheese, but not have the ability to make gameplay that teenagers can do in Flash games in their basements?

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