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100 absolutely huge levels

3 modes: Timed, Relaxed, Match 3 Maniac

When Luna returns to Nevernear, she finds her homeland in ruins. The once-glorious kingdom has been razed to the ground by an evil power.

Plunge headlong with Luna into a fantastic Match 3 adventure packed with magic, fantasy... and the insidious Evil. Exploit the power of the five Mages and conquer darkness in 100 huge Match 3 levels. Rebuild Nevernear's castles and create mysterious gardens to keep Evil at bay.
Let yourself be swept away into Luna's wonderful world - and the fantastic story of Nevernear.

  • 100 absolutely huge levels
  • Three game modes: Timed, Relaxed and Match 3 Maniac mode
  • Great mini-games
  • Lots of new extras, plus expanded game mechanics

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Not particularly valuable

When it comes to puzzlers, a certain generation of gamers will remember when Tetris was the title that was endlessly cloned, reinterpreted and reinvented, with countless studios and developers trying desperately to recapture the cultural magic of what had...

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Kitsune_Rei said:

This actually kind of looks like a mix of Jewel Adventures and 4 Elements, both of which look rather generic but I enjoyed. I'll probably get it.
I think it only gets compared to Puzzle Quest because of the mix of puzzle and additional elements, I don't think its actually really RPGish other than having a story.



Kitsune_Rei said:

Hmm, no review yet, I was curious what they'd say.
So far personally I like it. Its pretty linear, but has a lot of elements I like. The main puzzling is a mix of various Bejeweled delxue features- dropping an item to the bottom, clearing off the marked spaces on the board, etc. so it will be very familiar. Their quirk is that each round has multiple boards- so far I've seen up to 4 together. The trick is you may need to clear one board to get a key to access or finish another board. There are arrows to switch between them. The difficulty is its timed (though there's an untimed option- you pick a difficulty when you make a new save game.)
Interspersed is other minigames- a hidden object like 4Elements has, as well as a arrange the puzzle pieces game. You also have to grow flowers to further your magical skills. You are trying to save the world, so as you progress you do unlock more skills to manipulate the board. You use your collected gems to restore parts of the kingdom. There is also a small item shop where you can buy extra lives, increase the gems you can hold, and more.

Overall it gets to be an odd mix, but I find it fun. I also think the graphics are above-average.

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