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  • 30th May 2013, $5.99 (USA)
  • 24th Oct 2013, £3.30 (UK/EU)
Gummy Bears

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Gummy Bears Mini Golf Screenshot
Gummy Bears Mini Golf Screenshot
Gummy Bears Mini Golf Screenshot


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    Golfing here and there and everywhere

    When Gummy Bears Magical Medallion, the game so confident it doesn't need a properly punctuated title, was released earlier this month we weren't exactly left clamoring for a sequel or a spin-off. Its controls were stiff and aggravating, its level design bland and empty, its coding sloppy and its 3D effect was...

About The Game

Transport yourself to a wonderful fairy tale land full of color and cheer!

Gummy Bears MiniGolf can be enjoyed by up to four friends or family members of any age, or on your own. Collect achievements, purchase unique Gummy Bear merchandise, and customize nine unique holes for a personalized adventure! Come play in the fantastic world of Gummy Bears!