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Dillon is an armadillo with one thing on his scaly, cowboy hat-covered mind: to protect the townsfolk from an onslaught of approaching enemies.

In this downloadable sequel to last year’s well-received Dillon’s Rolling Western for Nintendo 3DS, Dillon is tasked with hiring rangers, gathering supplies and equipping gun towers in an effort to ward off the trouble moseying into town.

This real-time strategy game follows players as they control a rolling and rollicking Dillon through classic tower-defense game play. In addition to defending frontier towns and livestock, Dillon must also protect moving trains containing vital supplies. And with the rip roarin’ power of the StreetPass feature on Nintendo 3DS, players can compare maps with other players to improve their strategy.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Spinning in place

It's been just over a year since the release of Dillon's Rolling Western, an interesting spin — pardon the pun — on the tower defense formula, starring a steely armadillo prone to communicating through loaded silence. As you can see from our review at...

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MasterBombad said:

Please let it be more forgiving this time! I love the concept, characters, and gameplay. Just the difficulty is what kills it, at least have a "easy, normal, veteran" setting.

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