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OK guys, this may be a silly question, but I need your answer on this one, since it's about money.
I have a 3DS, but I am from Macedonia, and in order to use the eShop, I have to set my region to a country from the EU (if I set it to Macedonia, the eShop service is not available). For example, currently, my region is set to England, UK. Since there aren't many games on sale in my country, I want to buy some from the service (Paper Mario, Zelda...). So, my question is the following one:
Can I transfer funds from my Visa Electron card to my eShop balance, since my Visa Electron card is a Macedonian one, but the region I have set on the system is from another country? Does it matter at all? If it doesn't, do I have the money at my disposal immediately after I transfer them?
I will appreciate it if you could answer me soon, since I really want to start downloading some games, if everything is fine, of course.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Nightwalker,

I'll try and anwser as best I can. Although I'm not quite sure what a visa electron card is. If it's a standard credit card then yes it will work as soon as you purchase the funds and they will be available immediently.

I know this becuase I have purchased games on the Europe eShop with my Australian credit card. The software won't be removed if you change the settings at anytime.

Hope this helps


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Believe me, it did!
Thank you a lot!

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