Topic: Are the Donkey Kong Land series ports?

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I have the GBC version of Donkey Kong Country. It's not really a port, the game was more of a remake using the graphics and sounds from Donkey Kong Land. Oddly, the physics were much worse than DKL and the SNES version of DKC. Instead of getting hang time at the height of your jump, you would just reach fall down really fast as soon as your jump reached its peak. Watch some Youtube videos, it makes a lot of the jumps harder than they were in the original.

Also, instead of riding Rambi the Rhino, Enguarde the Swordfish, Winky the Frog, and Expresso the Ostrich, your character would just disappear whenever you found one of the four "animal buddies" and you play as the buddies themselves. Donkey/Diddy wouldn't reappear until you either pressed select or got hit by an enemy, after which the buddy would disappear, so you couldn't get off and get back on any of them. Kind of disappointing.

One of the level's, Winky's Walkway, had a bunch of new material, making it almost twice as long. Aside from that and a bunch of mini-games, there wasn't really anything new. I'd give the game a 7 out of 10. A decent effort but hampered by the inferior jumping physics and limitations of the GBC.

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KingMike wrote:

It's a port of DKC. I'm sure there was some added bonus feature, but I can't remember what.
I only rented it once and I don't remember how great it was.


I don't think you remember the game much at all. It isn't DKC.

My poor cartridge doesn't want to start up all the time, but I'm playing it now and I'm remembering why it's so hard. Small resolution with DKC-like graphics = flying off enemies and missing platforms.

The funny part: The cartridge is a yellow-banana color, and after all these years, my cartridge looks like an aged banana.

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KingMike was responding to post #20. The topic switched from Donkey Kong Land to the GBC remake of Donkey Kong Country a few posts back. I owned both and consider them decent but seriously flawed because of the small screen and crazy camera.
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