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    Review The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

    Tossed salad and scrambled eggs

    With The Bunker and Late Shift both under its publishing belt, Wales Interactive has some strong FMV games on Switch. Its next foray into the genre comes from D’Avekki Studios, and this time you’ll need a clipboard, your best Freudian accent and plenty of patience. You are the replacement psychiatrist for the...


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    Review Late Shift

    Tuck your shirt in, mate!

    That grandiose term ‘interactive entertainment’ has been bandied around for decades, usually rolled out when the word ‘game’ feels too throwaway or restrictive. Sure, it’s highfalutin, but sometimes it’s simply a more accurate descriptor. FMV release Late Shift is a case in point – it’s likely to garner...


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    Review The Bunker

    Underground in Siberia, James?

    If you’re old enough to remember the sound of dial-up modems with fondness, you probably have a similar wistful nostalgia for full motion Video games. The mention of Night Trap or Wing Commander III will elicit memories of an era when new-fangled CD-ROMs enabled actual video in our video games, and FMV seemed somehow...


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    Review Coffin Dodgers

    Race for your life

    Whenever a kart-racer is released on a Nintendo platform it’s pretty impossible to avoid comparing it to the Mario Kart franchise; the mustachioed plumber’s sublime series of games is almost incontrovertibly the best option available in the genre, and it would take something pretty special to knock it off the podium’s top...


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    Review Typoman

    What are words worth?

    Would you say that you like the solutions in your games spelled out for you? In that case, Typoman is here to punish you for your careless use of language. This side-scrolling platform-puzzler spells things out for you alright. Its protagonist, antagonists, and essential level furniture are all quite literally made up of the...


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    Review Don't Knock Twice

    Seriously, don’t

    Don’t Knock Twice is a first-person horror game, based on the film of the same name that was released last year. The story sees you take the role of Jess, a mother who had to give away her child at a young age but is now hoping to reconnect with her. Your daughter, Chloe, is in a bit of a pickle with some paranormal forces and...


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    Review Soul Axiom

    It's got soul, man

    Soul Axiom is a spiritual successor to Master Reboot, a rather decent and interesting Wii U eShop title from Wales Interactive. They're not directly tied together, but thematic and stylistic crossovers deliberately nudge and wink at those with experience of the previous release, while Soul Axiom also goes its own way. Ultimately,...


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    Review Infinity Runner

    Keep on running...

    Wales Interactive has become a new name to Nintendo gamers in the Wii U generation, with Gravity Badgers being a fun but 'casual' game and Master Reboot being a rather intriguing, story-driven experience. Next up is another typically diverse approach with Infinity Runner - as the name makes clear it's a runner title, utilising a...


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    Review Master Reboot

    Or Enaid Coll, if you prefer

    With its continual growth the Wii U eShop library is bringing us a diverse range of games across various genres, yet Master Reboot from Wales Interactive nevertheless succeeds in delivering something unique to the platform. Previously released on PC and PSN, it's an ambitious effort that has moments of brilliance and a...


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    Review Gravity Badgers

    Out of this world

    Badgers and space are certainly two things we would have never expected to see together, but then here's Gravity Badgers, a game all about badgers in space. Originally released for PC, this relatively unknown game has now received a Wii U port, but is it worth your time? The plot in Gravity Badgers is almost non-existent, but...