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    Review Infernium

    Puts you through hell

    It's a well-worn form of journalistic shorthand to describe a game by its influences. With Infernium, though, such an exercise might prove more confusing than instructive. And one thing this game doesn't need is any more confusion.  While it would be wholly accurate to describe the game as 'Dark Souls meets Pac-Man meets...


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    Review Superola And The Lost Burgers

    Run and don’t look back

    If the title wasn’t already a dead giveaway, Superola And The Lost Burgers is one big parody. It draws inspiration from dated internet memes, pop culture and even makes reference to classic video games in order to tell the story of a llama on a quest to recover hamburgers stolen by an alien hotdog race. Even if you find...


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    Review Conga Master Party!

    Please conga responsibly

    Have you ever dreamed about lighting up the dance floor the same way John Travolta did in the 1977 film, Saturday Night Fever? If this has been a lifelong goal you are yet to fulfil, perhaps you’ll just have to remain hopeful, and in the meantime gather your family or a group of friends to instead play Conga Master Party!...


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    Review Battle of the Elements

    Elementary, dear Watson

    Lists. Who needs 'em? Whether it's a shopping list or a year-end "Best Of" list, you just know when you're writing it that you'll end up forgetting something important. When the year ends, Battle of the Elements probably won't be on our Best Of list. If you're the kind of person that makes lists of games to buy,...