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  • News Wild Guns Reloaded Is Saddling Up For A Switch Release This Spring

    Westworld, Natsume-style

    Wild Guns is one of the many gems to be found in the SNES library. Taking place in a future where the Wild West meets robots, it has gone down as something of a cult classic on the console thanks to its lovely visuals and engaging gameplay. When Natsume announced some time ago that it was creating a remake in the form of...

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    Review Wild Guns

    True Bit

    The Wild West is a fantastic setting for a video game. Rugged gunslingers, drunken shootouts, limited presence of the law and a surplus of criminals lend to a volatile and rowdy backdrop for a tense, controller-gripping time. In the case of Wild Guns it takes the Steampunk route, injecting hostile machinery and advanced weaponry into the...

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    Review Wild Guns

    Wild West or limp at best?

    Whether the game had any influence over the film Wild Wild West is debatable, but what can't be denied is that the two have a similar, inextricable link between cowboys and steampunk. While the traditional steampunk time period might still be Victorian England in the late 19th Century, the setting for both is somewhat...