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  • Review Unepic (Switch eShop)

    +3 advantage to loot drops, major disadvantage to cheesy comedy

    Once relegated to the dustiest of basements and the back corners of hobby stores worldwide, Dungeons & Dragons has been enjoying something of a resurgence lately; even the cool kids want to join in on some sword swinging and spell slinging. Whether we've all just become more...

  • Review Unepic (Wii U eShop)

    Not ungood

    So you know how it goes: you’re playing a tabletop RPG with your friends. They poke fun at you because you, the Modern Gamer, want to try something that tends to work on a screen but doesn’t jive with the “realism” of high fantasy. Whatever. You excuse yourself to 'observe nature', but the lights go out and suddenly you’re not...