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  • News Pokémon TV App Makes Its Way Onto iOS And Android Devices

    Streaming the latest episodes to your smartphones and tablets

    More Pokémon news follows Pokémon Scramble U and the revealing of Ninfia, as Pokémon TV has launched on iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to watch full episodes of the Pokémon TV show, as well as special features and trailers for the upcoming Pokémon movie releases. You...

  • News Translated Episodes of Game Center CX to be Aired Online

    The "Retro Game Master" finally goes English

    If you're a retro gaming fan, you might be familiar with Shinya Arino. Part of a Japanese comedy duo called Yoiko, he began presenting a show called GameCenter CX in 2003, in which he attempts to complete one generally difficult retro game in each episode, as well as visiting a different arcade in Japan every time. Recently, Arino has even partnered with..

  • News Legend Of Zelda TV Series Hits Hulu

    American fans get to stream 80's Zelda straight to their eyeballs

    Remember the Eighties? The delightful era of one-hit wonders, atrociously awesome fashion and reams of bad videogame series? Well, Hulu has seen fit to stream The Legend of Zelda, a 13-part series, back into the 21st century so everyone can enjoy the "brilliance" of the...

  • News Captain Lou Albano Passes Away

    One of the greatest Mario actors there ever was has passed away.

    This year's already had a lot of crazy celebrity deaths, but the person we lost today will probably hit the hardest for any Nintendo fan - Captain Lou Albano, who played the live-action version of Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and also provided Mario's voice for the cartoon segments, died earlier today. With his crazy..

  • News On My First Wii-stle...

    Nintendo have revealed that they will be one of the lead sponsors for the new series of Gladiators coming to Sky soon.

    Apparently Nintendo have shelled out "big money" in order to ensure they are the sole sponsors of the upgrade to 90's classic The Gladiators. According to Marketing Week, this sponsorship is one of Sky's biggest and most valuable. Nintendo hope to cash in on the show's..

  • News BBC IPlayer Available On The Wii

    You can now watch Little Britain on-demand, joy of joys

    The BBC has announced that it will be introducing its innovative iPlayer service to the Wii, allowing UK gamers to access a wide range of TV shows on demand. The iPlayer service has been running on the Internet for a while now and has been a tremendous success, proving that the BBC is more than able to move with the times. The veteran..

  • News Make Your Mii Then Play It On Wii

    Nintendo unveil some new "Mii" orientated TV commercials to lure in the non gamer.

    Set to air next week, Nintendo released the previews online on their ultra modern myspace account, yay marketing department. "Early next week Nintendo of America is scheduled to roll out a new round of Wii commercials featuring these popular Mii caricatures. One commercial is set in a living room with a family,..

  • News SSX Wii To Debut On "Game Head" With Reggie

    Reggie renews his rivalry with "Geoff" on Spike!'s Game Head show, set to air this coming Friday.

    Also showing on this weeks show is a world exclusive trailer for the previous un-announced "SSX Wii" from Electronic Arts, apparently even Reggie himself hasn't seen this trailer. Here's the blurb about this weeks show: "In early February of 2006, (when the Wii was still The Revolution and Reggie..