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  • Feature Memorable Games of 2017 - Thumper

    Headphones are mandatory

    In this series of features Nintendo Life contributors will share thoughts on their most memorable games of 2017. This entry by editor Tom Whitehead focuses on an eShop game that may be responsible for his left Joy-Con's early demise.  I first played Thumper in 2014 or 2015 at EGX (I honestly can't remember...

  • News Thumper Gets a 25% Discount on the Switch eShop

    Available until 2nd October

    We're big fans of Thumper here at Nintendo Life, awarding it a 9 in our review - its 'rhythm violence' approach is heart pounding, challenging and a blast on Switch. A game that made its name on PSVR, the option with Nintendo's system is to have it on the TV or on the go, preferably with a good pair of headphones plugged...

  • Video Digital Foundry Puts Thumper and ARMS to the Test on Nintendo Switch

    So much 60fps goodness

    We'd argue that, in its first 2.5 months on the market, the Switch has already delivered some top-notch gaming experiences of various types. Thumper can be added to that elite list and we got rather excited about it in our review, giving it a 9 out of 10. There's good stuff on the way, too, and recently we spent time with...

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    Review Thumper

    Heart pounding

    Thumper provides a stern test. Actually, to be clear, Thumper tries to crush your spirit and beat you, and it often succeeds. If gruelling - but fair - difficulty isn't on your wishlist for a prospective new game purchase, Thumper fundamentally isn't for you. If you do like to be pushed to the edge of your reflexes by games and have a...

  • News This Switch eShop Trailer for Thumper Should Get You Warmed Up

    Rhythm violence arrives soon

    Thumper recently made it onto our list of the biggest Nintendo Switch eShop games of 2017, and with good reason. The intense rhythm game is eye-catching and has a pulse-rattling soundtrack - this writer still has vivid memories of playing a PC demo for the game back in 2015, so it's certainly exciting news that it's

  • News Thumper Bringing Rhythm and Violence To Switch eShop On 18th May

    Become the space beetle!

    Some days it's worth firing up the Switch eShop to see what's coming soon. Newly added to the European eShop is Drool's Thumper, which is described as being a 'rhythm violence' game. It's coming on 18th May for £15.99 / €19.99 in Europe. U.S. release date and price to be confirmed. In this classic rhythm-action you play...