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    Switch eShop

    Review Teslagrad

    Shockingly good

    There have been an increasing number of multi-platform titles coming to the Switch recently that almost feel like they were made specifically for the console. Games such as Rocket League and Stardew Valley have been available on other platforms for a while now but, when we booted them up for the first time on Switch, there was the...

  • News Teslagrad Will Bring a Spark to the Switch eShop in December

    It has magnetic appeal

    We've seen a number of quality titles from the Wii U eShop make their way onto the Switch, and another to put on the wishlist is Teslagrad by Rain Games. It featured a while ago at the Tokyo Game Show ahead of its Japanese release, and now the North American Switch eShop has confirmed a Western release date. It's listed for...

  • News Teslagrad Was Most Profitable on the Wii U Compared to Other Platforms


    The Wii U will not likely go down as a high point in Nintendo’s long history with games, the console failed to draw in the masses that came out to buy the Wii and ultimately ended on a rather embarrassing note given the company’s history of success. Still, there’s good to be found in any bad situation, and one positive of the Wii U...

  • News Rain Games On Teslagrad's Success and World to the West

    Teslagrad shifted 1.6 million copies

    Some of you may remember Teslagrad from a few years back, the metroidvania title that featured beautiful, hand-drawn 2D graphics. The gloomy, steampunk-esque environments created a fantastic atmosphere, and the magnetism-centric puzzles were quite smartly designed. It was certainly a unique title on the eShop,...

  • News The New Update For Teslagrad is Now Live in North America

    Adds additional controller support, screenshots, and some bug fixes

    For those of you that may have forgotten about it, Teslagrad is a sublime metroidvania adventure that was released early last fall. It follows the story of a young boy as he explores a decrepit castle and slowly unravels the mystery behind the conflict that led to the downfall of...

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    Review Teslagrad

    Alternating current, direct fun

    We seem to love Scandinavian games here at Nintendo Life. We began our glowing SteamWorld Dig review last month by espousing the virtues of the Swedish indie gaming scene, but Sweden's neighbour to the west is not to be forgotten: hot on the heels of SteamWorld comes Teslagrad, an equally impressive Metroidvania-style...

  • News Rain Games' Upcoming Wii U eShop Title Teslagrad Will Also Be Released In-Store

    Has also been sent in to Nintendo for approval

    After the delay of the Wii U eShop title Teslagrad towards the end of 2013, fans of the Big N haven’t heard much about the upcoming puzzle-platformer except that its developer Rain Games is intent on delivering a quality product. Whilst Wii U owners were also teased with a lovely