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  • Video Wreak Havoc as Ganon In Hyrule Warriors' Boss Pack DLC

    We send off the DLC for Hyrule Warriors in style...

    It seems like Hyrule Warriors was released a long time ago, but the game has had a consistent stream of downloadable content - well worth the cost of the readily available Season Pass. This final piece of DLC is an absolute stonker, adding two new Challenge modes - Boss Challenge and Ganon Play...

  • News Tecmo Koei Will Soon Be Koei Tecmo in Europe, So Get Used To It

    Here's hoping for Enix Square and Comcap next

    Not long after the earth shattering news — well, not really — that Namco Bandai would be known by its Japanese name (Bandai Namco) around the world, we now have Hyrule Warriors developer Tecmo Koei reversing its name in Europe. Below is the announcement of the switch that'll take place from 1st July...

  • News New Instalment In The Popular Fatal Frame Franchise Coming To Wii U

    A match made in heaven...or hell!

    A new entry in Tecmo Koei's Fatal Frame horror series is coming to Wii U with collaboration from Nintendo, Famitsu reports today. No release date or final title have been revealed, but this announcement alone is enough to send Fatal Frame fans into a tizzy. The last entry in the series, Grasshopper Manufacture's...

  • News Ken's Rage Cannot Be Contained By PS3 And 360 Alone, Wii U Version Confirmed

    Fist of the North Star sequel says you're already dead

    The sequel to 360 and PS3 brawler Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage has been confirmed as coming to the Wii U. Based on one of the most famous anime franchises of all time, Ken's Rage 2 looks disarmingly similar to its prequel and uses Koei's long-running Dynasty Warriors template as its...

  • E3 2012 Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Published by Nintendo


    Nintendo will publish Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, reuniting the Big N with Team Ninja. Ryu Hayabusa's adventures come to a Nintendo home console for the first time since the Super NES days. Ninja Gaiden III on PS3 and Xbox 360 didn't get the best reviews, so we'll be interested to see if Nintendo asks Team Ninja to make any big...

  • News Dynasty Warriors VS Won't Come Westward

    Region locked

    Dynasty Warriors VS won't leave Japan. Tecmo Koei community manager Chin Soon Sun made the pronouncement on Twitter: Dynasty Warriors VS (for the Nintendo 3DS) - This title is for Japan only & will not be localized and released for / in overseas. Shame — we wanted to enjoy some feudal fighting dressed as Link and Samus.

  • News Peek Between Your Fingers at a Project Zero 2 Trailer

    Horror story

    Tecmo Koei's enhanced Project Zero 2: Wii Edition is coming to Europe this June, but Nintendo is starting the scares early with a new trailer. What starts out all sweet and lovely eventually gives way to the kind of twisted sights we've come to associate with the Project Zero (aka Fatal Frame) series over the years. It's also got plenty...

  • News Dynasty Warriors' Samus & Link Costumes Move Like This

    Zero-ing in

    Those Samus and Link costumes in Dynasty Warriors Vs. certainly look nice in stills, but how about in motion? Your wish is Tecmo Koei's command. The trailer below shows small snippets of Dynasty Warriors' characters clad in the garb of Nintendo's famous blond/e hero/ine, plus footage of Dead or Alive: Dimensions' Ryu Hayabusa and Ayane...

  • News Dead or Alive: Dimensions Demo Punches Europe This Week

    On guard

    Tecmo Koei scrapper Dead or Alive: Dimensions is the latest 3DS game to get a playable demo in Europe this week. The fighter gets a free trial version in this week's eShop update, due as always on Thursday. You can always read our Dead or Alive: Dimensions review to see if this is 3DS's king of fighters or just a jobber.

  • News Wii U's First Launch Title Announced Already

    Bit early, though

    We don't even know when the Wii U will launch other than a vague "between April and December 2012" guideline, but we already know one of the games you'll be able to pick up with the console on day one: Tecmo Koei's Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. The publisher's financial reports (via Andriasang) peg the game for release...

  • News Dead or Alive: Dimensions Pulled from Sale in Australia

    Game knocked out

    So far Dead or Alive: Dimensions hasn't had the best luck: the game was banned in Scandinavia in a child pornography furore, the game has now had its classification revoked in Australia, effectively banning it from sale. The Australian Classification Board removed the game's PG rating after media reports focusing on the game's...

  • News First DOA Dimensions SpotPass Content Now Available in UK and Europe

    And more scheduled to arrive

    Dead or Alive: Dimensions releases today in the UK and Europe, and it's already taking advantage of the SpotPass service with downloadable content available today. Once you pick up your copy, head to a hotspot or your own home Wi-Fi broadband connection to receive a brand new costume for Kasumi. You can also face Kasumi as controlled by a CPU replication of Team Ninja..

  • News Prepare for Dead or Alive with Five Minutes of 3DS Gameplay

    Getting jiggle with it

    Dead or Alive: Dimensions is just ten days away from Europe and two weeks from North America, so publisher Tecmo Koei has released a lengthy video to explain the game's features. The Japanese video shows off the game's training mode as well as the new Chronicles mode, where players battle through a story based on the four previous Dead or Alive games, combining fighting,..

  • News See Samus in Action in Dead or Alive: Dimensions

    Team Ninja becomes Team Bounty Hunter

    We've known for some time that Samus Aran will appear in Dead or Alive: Dimensions as a non-playable character, but if you're the sort of person who likes to see things with their own eyes then this video will please you no end. The footage accompanies a new press release from Nintendo that reconfirms the game's 20th May release date — a date we revealed..

  • News Dead or Alive: Dimensions Release Dates Flex Their Muscles

    Handbags at the ready

    Most fight fans are already tucking into Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, but gamers after a more three-dimensional brawler can look forward to grappling with Dead or Alive: Dimensions in May. European gamers take to the ring on 20th May, with North American gamers not far behind on 24th May. Thanks to Team Ninja's work on Metroid: Other M, heroine Samus Aran and nemesis..

  • News Nintendo Europe Beating Up Dead or Alive Dimensions in May

    The great fight begins

    Nintendo Europe clearly has faith in the fighting skills of its 3DS handheld: not only is it taking care of marketing and distribution for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, it's going to do the same thing for Tecmo Koei's Dead or Alive Dimensions in May. While Tecmo Koei will maintain publishing privileges, Nintendo's...

  • News No, You Cannot Fight as Samus in Dead or Alive: Dimensions

    Hopes, crushed

    That video of Samus Aran appearing in Dead or Alive: Dimensions? Awesome, and more than enough to kickstart the rumours of the intergalactic bounty hunter being able to kick ninja rump as a playable character. That rumour, awesome though it may be, is totally false. Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi explained to Eurogamer that the Nintendo...

  • First Impressions Dead or Alive: Dimensions

    A contender?

    Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition may have been many attendee's standout game of the show, but Tecmo Koei's first portable Dead or Alive title had its fair share of admirers throughout the Discover 3DS event. We put the fighter through its paces and attended Team Ninja's developer roundtable to bring you all the information...