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  • Review Tank Troopers (3DS eShop)

    Destroy everything

    Where would video games be without Tanks? Strong and durable, able to blast incoming enemy threats into oblivion and completely flatten any landmark in sight. The sense of fearlessness a tank provides is arguably unrivalled; games about tanks have been prominent throughout the ages. Anyone who has ever played a video game will...

  • News Tank Troopers Will Blow Up on the 3DS eShop Soon

    Confirmed for 16th February in North America

    Revealed in the 3DS Nintendo Direct in Autumn / Fall of last year and already out in Japan, Tank Troopers is a Nintendo-published title heading to the eShop. The premise is simple - it's a tank warfare game with a hefty dose of quirkiness. Nintendo of America has confirmed a release date of 16th February...