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  • News Bidding Hits $100,000 on Uber-Rare NES Game, Stadium Events

    Nintendo are welcome to bid on it if they want it!

    We reported a few days ago that a user-rare copy of Stadium Events on the NES had been listed on eBay. While this isn't the most accomplished 8-bit game of all time, it is one of the rarest with a low production run - which was subsequently recalled as it was then rebranded. Only two sealed copies...

  • News Get Ready For The Most Expensive Video Game Auction Of All Time

    Factory sealed Stadium Events is now on eBay

    Given the massive popularity of video gaming and its long and proud history, it's hardly surprising that many rare games are fetching incredible prices when them come up for sale online. However, Bandai's 1987 NES title Stadium Events makes pretty much everything else look like chump change. The title...