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  • Review Serial Cleaner (Switch eShop)

    Cleaning is bad for your stealth

    The stealth genre is predominantly associated with gruff, grizzled, highly trained assassins with a renegade attitude, stern demeanour and corrupt superiors. Normally involving sneaking or silently killing to get out of dark and tight spots, the tension, evasion and strategy of a well executed infiltration garners a...

  • News Serial Cleaner Will Bring Quirky Crime to the Switch This Year

    Set in the '70s, of course

    Here's another interesting download game to add to the Switch eShop wishlist - Polish developer iFun4All S.A. has confirmed that its title Serial Cleaner is coming to Nintendo's system this year. Previously released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it's a stealth game (of sorts) in which you take up contracts to clean up crime...