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    Review Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard

    Doot doot doot doot

    We're not scientists, but we're pretty confident in our super-accurate theory on how most people use electronic keyboards in their waking life. Namely, the musician-at-heart walks up to one, switches it on, finds the kitschiest beat in its midi library - studies say it's "salsa" 100% of the time - bangs out some nonsensical...

  • News Pokémon Composer Tsukasa Tawada Shows Off Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard

    Those with the app can download 'Tokyo Polka'

    The 3DS eShop has a few options when it comes to music composition, with the latest being Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard. Abylight is keen to highlight how its creative and sharing tool can be used, and has recruited a highly-regarded composer to help with the task. Tsukasa Tawada worked in sound...

  • News Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Gets a European Release Date

    Hitting the right notes

    The 3DS eShop has apps to cover various hobbies - for example you can draw, code games in BASIC and, of course, create music. Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard has some competition in the music composition area, but it's keen to make its mark on the portable. Having arrived in North America on 18th February, it's now confirmed...

  • News Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Aims to Bring Music Composition to Life on 3DS

    On its way to a global release

    There are already a handful of music composition tools available on the 3DS, and now Abylight Studios is getting closer to releasing its own effort - Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard. Like some of its contemporaries it'll aim to offer substantial variety in features and instruments, as well as various options for...