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    A boy, a bot, and a really big gun

    When picking up any platformer for the first time, it's just second nature to check for the jump button. They're so ingrained in the experience, you're likely hearing Mario's sound effect in your head even as you're reading this. Look for a jump button in Kick & Fennick, however, and you're not going to find...

  • News Kick & Fennick Arrives on the Wii U eShop on June 2nd

    Kicking and screaming

    For the handful of you that own a PS Vita, you may remember Kick & Fennick. The action platformer made its debut on the troubled handheld in February 2015, and while the concept of it seemed interesting enough, it received mixed reviews. Kick & Fennick sees players take control of a young boy named Kick who rockets...