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  • Feature We Almost Got Golf Story On The Wii U

    "It kind of got out of hand, with too many ideas"

    Golf Story has proven to be one of the Switch's big indie hits of 2017, but incredibly we could have experienced the game a lot sooner, had fate not intervened. Sidebar Games' Andrew Newey - who constitutes 50 percent of the game's development team - has been speaking to Red Bull Games about the...

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    Review Golf Story

    A hole-in-one

    One would not think that an RPG centered around golf would really make a whole lot of sense, but Camelot managed to nail the idea back in the '90s when it released Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color. Though it’s a rather niche release in the plumber’s past, it clearly inspired the developers of Golf Story to expand on the concept,...

  • News Golf Story Will Swing Into Action This Week on the Switch eShop

    Just making its September release window

    Golf Story has been capturing attention since it was first unveiled for the Switch eShop; developed by Sidebar Games, it blends RPG elements with retro-styled overhead golf. In the recent Nindies Showcase it was confirmed for a September release, and if the European Switch eShop is correct it'll hit that...

  • News Golf Story Hits the Links in September, Exclusively on Switch

    Ditch the swords for a set of irons in this RPG adventure

    Combining both traditional RPG mechanics and golf, Golf Story brings together a heartfelt story and cast of characters with the mechanics of an arcade golf game. Today's Nindie Showcase revealed some new features as well as a new release window. Featuring traditional golf, disc golf and mini...

  • News Golf Story Combines RPG Goodness With The Classic Sport

    Due this Summer

    Here's an interesting title coming to the Switch eShop - Golf Story. It's an RPG with pixel-based visuals that, naturally, revolves around the most genteel of sports; it's the debut release from newcomer Sidebar Games and is due in the Summer. You can see a trailer and game summary below. Play the story of a golfer, forced to...