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    Review Cars 3: Driven to Win

    Cruisin' in 3rd gear

    Nintendo systems often get tie-ins for popular family movies, fleshing out the multi-platform offerings that are available. It's absolutely understandable considering the fact that young audiences do get drawn to Nintendo hardware, and that's continuing with the Switch. Cars 3: Driven to Win is an early contender in this...

  • Video Cars 3: Driven to Win Looks Decent In Its Gameplay Trailer

    Getting into gear

    We know, movie tie-ins for Nintendo consoles don't normally get the pulse racing. Yet based on the number of them that grace the big N's hardware they're evidently popular, and we must say that Cars 3: Driven to Win might turn out rather well. That's not necessarily a surprise, as Avalanche Studios has produced it - that team...

  • News Cars 3: Driven To Win Will Be Screeching Onto Nintendo Switch And Wii U

    A "pick and play" party title, apparently

    The Cars 3 video game will be coming to Nintendo consoles, it has been confirmed. Developed by Disney Infinity studio Avalanche Software - which was saved from extinction by Warner Bros. Interactive - Cars 3: Driven to Win will follow the events of the forthcoming movie. The game will be coming to P