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  • Review Bleed 2 (Switch eShop)

    Tell me, do you bleed?

    Chad and Jared Moldenhauer - the creators of Cuphead - defined Bleed 2 as a game that’s, “all killer, no-filler.” After running through the pulse-pounding one-hour campaign, this couldn’t be a more apt description. Bleed 2 is a game that knows exactly what it wants to do and cuts out everything that doesn’t line up...

  • News Bleed 2 Is Coming To Switch This March

    Tell me, do you bleed?

    The Switch eShop has played host to a wide variety of awesome indie games, one of which is the sublime Bleed. Developed by just one man, this run ‘n’ gunner mixes a wry sense of humor with frantic arcade action to produce a memorable and enjoyable experience, one that we highly recommended. It stood to reason, then, that...