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  • Video A Look At Pokémon GO as Played Using Augmented Reality Glasses

    Virtual Insanity

    The Pokémon GO craze during the Summer meant that you didn't have to go far before seeing the tell-tale signs of people playing it; anyone stood in an unlikely place looking at their phone was probably catching pocket monsters. The app is still rather popular, too, and tech companies continually use it as a platform to explore...

  • News BBC Study Suggests Brain Training Games are Ineffective

    Grey (doesn't) matter

    Have you been playing Brain Training (known as Brain Age in the U.S.) or its sequel on your way to work, feeling good about yourself as you utilise your DS for something useful? Have you outsmarted your friends recently and thought, "there's that grey matter at work!"? According to a study recently published by the...

  • News BBC Interested In Games Again

    Looking to develop Doctor Who, Top Gear, In The Night Garden titles

    MCV has revealed that the BBC Worldwide is interested in making games based on key IPs after years of sitting back and watching. The BBC has said that it wants to see its biggest brands like Doctor Who, Top Gear, In The Night Garden and more expand into games for all audiences. The...