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  • News Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Parents on 18-Rated Games Being Played by Children

    Will contact police and social services

    While video games have age ratings in a similar manner to films, they're often regarded loosely by many. Most that frequent video game stores have a tale to tell of a parent buying their young child the next Call of Duty or GTA release, seemingly oblivious to the fact there's an age rating at all. Sometimes...

  • News Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Is Australia's First 18-Rated Video Game

    Bloody brilliant, mate

    Up until 1st January 2013, video games in Australia were forbidden from using the R18 rating that applies to movies, which meant players down under often missed out on playing titles which contained mature or adult themes. That has now changed, and the first game to be granted the coveted R18 rating is the Wii U bloodbath...

  • News Ratings Board Leaks Ubisoft's Rabbids Rumble

    They're bwaaah-ck

    Ubisoft is preparing another outing for the Rabbids, as we've unearthed a rating for Rabbids Rumble. The Australian Classification Board slapped a G rating on the game, citing "very mild crude humour", which doesn't really give much away. The rating doesn't specify which formats the game is heading to, but as there have...

  • News Let There Be No Doubt - The Last Story is Australia-Bound

    Three out of four ain't bad

    Hironobu Sakaguchi's The Last Story will make its way to Europe and Australia next year, as the Australian Classification Board has granted the game an M certificate. That of course leaves North America as the only major English-speaking territory not to be looking forward to the game next year, but there's always hope that could change. No release date yet for PAL..

  • News Dead or Alive: Dimensions Reclassified for Australia

    Dial M for Mature

    The Dead or Alive: Dimensions ratings saga hit Australia recently, when the game was pulled from sale as the Classifications Board revoked the game's PG certificate. Now the game has been re-rated and is cartwheeling towards stores across the territory. The game's received an M rating, with the consumer advice reading: Content may change online.; Violence and sexualised gameplay..

  • News Mothers Against Violence: Violent Games Aren't to Blame, Parents Are

    BBC debate results in surprisingly level-headed conclusion

    Violent video games like Madworld, Grand Theft Auto and House of the Dead: Overkill are often blamed for society's ills but in a BBC Radio debate today common sense prevailed as the UK-based organisation Mothers Against Violence decided that parents must shoulder the burden of responsibility when it comes to allowing their kids access to..