Anyone even remotely familiar with game franchises like Puyo Pop and Tetris will feel right at home with Raining Blobs. It’s a puzzle game in which you need to match up coloured globules that fall down the screen in order to wipe them from the board, scoring combos and points in the process. That’s more or less all there is to it.

The game attempts to inject something unique to the gameplay by ensuring that you can only get rid of groups of colours by matching up the blobs that are imprinted with a star (and even this isn't that original, as Super Puzzle Fighter pulled the same trick decades ago). This means that you can effectively build up potential combos by ensuring the starred blobs remain separate, before eventually clearing the whole bunch in one fell swoop. It’s a genuinely good way of introducing a certain degree of strategy, and is an incredibly effective way of sending a whole load of junk to your opponent’s screen when playing 1v1.

There are several modes available from the start, most interesting of which is the tournament mode and the puzzle mode. The tournament mode pits you against increasingly difficult CPU opponents, who get faster and more aggressive as you progress. There’s a hint of a storyline featured here, but hardly anything to get excited about. The puzzle mode presents you with various layouts of blobs on the screen. You’re then handed just one pair of blobs to add yourself, with the objective of clearing the entire board in one go. You can also add optional CPU opponents in this mode to add a competitive edge.

Visually, the game looks more or less as it should, albeit with very little additional flair. There are several characters to choose from, and their background images are decent enough, but there’s actually no incentive to choose one character over another, other than personal preference. Overall, it lacks a lot of personality, and with nothing to really set it apart from its contemporaries, there’s very little to recommend here unless you’re a huge fan of the genre. On the flip side, the music is pretty great, offering catchy tunes that really stick with you.