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One extremely welcome perk that comes with buying a copy of Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is cross-buy; picking up a digital copy of the game on either Wii U or 3DS will net you a free copy on the other platform. Naturally, this makes one wonder: which platform is the better experience? For the purpose of this review, we'll be going over the minor differences that can be found in the 3DS version, but for a more in-depth view of what the core game is all about, check out the Wii U review right here.

When the original Mutant Mudds launched, one of its prime selling points was how it showcased the autostereoscopic 3D of the 3DS through Max's jumping between layers. Naturally this has been replicated in Super Challenge to great effect, and it arguably gives the portable version an edge over its home console counterpart. Even though the 3D doesn't strictly have any bearing on gameplay in the sense that it's easier to judge distances between jumps, the additional depth that's added gives stages a much more eye popping and interesting look. It's really all a matter of personal preference, but seeing the action moving between the different layers makes the game feel that much more special.

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Review - Screenshot 1 of

It could also be argued that the overall design of the game is a better fit for a portable format. Levels are disparate experiences that are typically just a few minutes in length, and this is perfectly suited to brief pick up 'n' play experiences. Of course, the game can still be played in longer sessions, too, which lends it some nice versatility in terms of overall longevity.

Otherwise, it's largely the same experience between either version. Naturally, the colours are a bit more vibrant when viewed on an HD screen, but the 3DS version has the benefit of being playable on the go along with its 3D depth. The main game itself is unchanged between the two; even on the original 3DS there are no performance issues, and the lessened real estate of the 3DS screen doesn't have any bearing on camera issues or visibility.


Whatever way you choose to experience it, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is an absolute must have for platformer veterans. While the version of choice is largely dependent upon the preferred platform of each individual, we'd ultimately recommend the 3DS version over the Wii U version. The 3D effect adds a pleasing layer of depth to stages, and the overall design of the game feels better fit to a portable format. Either way, do yourself a favour and go download this.