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Following the release of The Magic Faraway Tree, EA's Flips series continues with a digital version of The Folk of the Faraway Tree.

As with other games in the Flips series, there are sound effects played when certain words are tapped and finding coloured mushrooms throughout the book unlocks some interesting projects, including how to make a sundial. If you get lost for who's who there are character profiles available too.

For those unfamiliar with the stories, they're set in an enchanted forest in which the magical Faraway Tree grows. Both magical and enormous, the tree's uppermost branches hide houses and a ladder at the top that transports the user to a new land each time it is used, opening up the way for plenty of adventures. It's recommended to start with the previous entry as this does follow on from it, though you can easily jump in and find get up to speed pretty quickly.

One disappointing aspect of this title is the repetition of Enid Blyton's biography from the previous entry: considering Blyton's sizeable back catalogue it's a real letdown that EA chose to repeat the biography.


A good book for more imaginative children when compared to a lot of the horror-based titles, The Folk of the Faraway Tree is a fun read even now. The repetition of content from the previous Flips release is disappointing however, so be warned if you're planning to buy both titles.