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Turok: Rage Wars

"Amongst four Turok games, Rage Wars is only for the purest Turok fan. Essentially, it?s a multiplayer-only game: lots of game options, characters, weapons and levels make for great battling. Single-player is weak compared to canonical Turok games, with its most redeeming feature being Co-op mode; although, subsequently bettered by Perfect Dark. Get your Turok fix elsewhere; Rage Wars is an unfulfilling Turok game."

5/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"Turok is an excellent arena style shooter experience, one of the best the system has to offer. It has a story mode which consists of just playing multiplayer stages with a few bosses thrown in, it's great. The standard multiplayer is a lot of fun to, each stage is well designed and has some great weapons, recommended for all N64 enthusiasts and muiltiplayer fans."

9/10 - PieEater163 64

"In an time where online console play didn't exist, the bot mode in this game was the go-to for offline deathmatch play. Nostalgia aside, if you can get over the ancient controls, Rage Wars has enough match-type variety, unique weapons and items, and character/weapon unlockables to be well worth your time (although the A.I. can be a bit dimwitted). Plus, it's got Monkey Tag."

7/10 - stinkyx 64

"I loved Rage Wars as a kid, even though I never got into the Turok series when I was younger (always got lost in the first game and gave up). Rage Wars is a great arena shooter, one that I prefer to Quake III Arena, because the weapons are so much fun to use. If you like Arena deathmatch games, get yourself a copy."

8/10 - SyntheticPerson 64

"I much preferred Rage Wars to other Turok games, and playing solo is much like playing online multi-player in games like COD but In a more basic way. The levels were great and the game played well enough, however it would undoubtedly have been helped by a greater purpose for solo play. Had this been released today with online, it would score an 8/9."


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Because of the style of game I really didn't want this game. I had enough good multiplayer games and really wanted this to be single player. Anyways after the second game the series took a nose dive. The third game was just a shell and seemed out of place with the setting.


9 left. I hope they don't end with OoT. I think its been a fair list not too many good ones left. I'd have Mario Tennis, Jet Force, Oot, Tooie, Dk64 (despite the final battle) Ridge Racer 64 and Yoshi's Story. Actually, of the games I own, that's it. Even some of those are scraping the barrel a bit. If only if were the Nintendo 62.


One of the things that stood out for me was the female chant heard in the game's opening menu. It was nice sounding and unfortunately set the mood for a game that completely lacked one.

Reason I bring this up is because when I played Borderlands 2 earlier this year for the first time, I heard the same exact chant during during an open area's background music, which means that not only was Turok Rage Wars being cheap by using outside assets, I can probably find it as well. Now I'm searching for that chant for no other reason than to use it for my own musical purposes!

Also, this was also released in an era where each Turok game also had a handheld port. Not only was Rage Wars better on the handheld, it actually contained a story!


I really enjoyed Rage Wars. Had so much fun playing this with friends.
I only got it for the multiplayer and the game had a amn good one.


I'm personally quite surprised by this review! I thought Rage Wars was actually a pretty decent spin-off! While it certainly doesn't match GoldenEye 007 or Perfect Dark's sheer quality, it was certainly a decent alternative.

Enjoyed many a game in my youth where one friend would incessantly run around with nothing but the war hammer, looking to exact a weighty justice!


I don't quite understand why NL includes a game on their list when they give it a mere 5 out of 10. It was the same case with F1 World Grand Prix.
Don't get me wrong: For me, personally, F1 needs to be included (though perhaps rather it's sequel), and MAYBE Rage Wars deserves it too. But then I would also give those games better ratings. I just can't quite follow why NL includes games which in their opinion are at best average.


With how few review spots are left, I'm getting nervous about what games will be left out. There are so many good to great ones left:
Battle for Naboo
Donkey Kong 64
Earth Worm Jim 3D
Episode I:Racer
Jet Force Gemini
Ocarina of Time
Resident Evil 2
Road Rash 64
Robotron 64
Rocket:Robot on Wheels
Rush 2049
Shadow Man
Tony Hawk 1, 2, 3
Vigilante 8:Second Offense
Winback:Covert Operations


@MegaWatts It has just never done it for me. Maybe I have always unfairly compared it to Goldeneye & Perfect Dark as I have never been a FPS expert. I just couldn't ever get into it even w/friends.


@MussakkuLaden I don't think it was ever to be a list of the 64 best games. We wanted to reflect a diversity of games & developers, as well as including as many exclusives as possible.


Loved this game, gave me a fix until Perfect Dark came out.


I scoff at 5/10, this game is excellent. It's certainly best played multiplayer and isn't exactly genius in design but its fun and that counts for quite a lot when playing a 15 year old game.

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