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Hybrid Heaven

"Hybrid Heaven was certainly an ambitious game from Konami and felt widely ignored at a time of MGSs, Final Fantasies, and Zeldas. It deserves praise for trying to revolutionise the norm: a unique battle system; an outlandish plot; claustrophobic playing areas rife. Faults? Much like M:I and SOTE its clunky mechanics sometimes frustrates. Yet HH proves highly intriguing and deserves an N64 gamer's time."

8/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"A mistreated gem. Assuming you can survive Konami's bonkers "aliens living under Manhattan" plot, the game rewards with incredible, very deep fighting system. It was not easy to get into, but once everything clicks, it remains a unique and very rewarding experience. Not perfect, but remains quite addicting. A shame Konami never build on upon this. A worthy addition to anyone's Nintendo 64 collection."

8/10 - Shiryu 64

"During the time when pro wrestling was at its peak, Hybrid Heaven provided a game that had lots of fun moves from the sport, tied to a crazy but fun story. 10 to 1 says you probably never played this game, but you should have. Can't say I've played anything like it since, which truly is a shame. Worth seeking out to play through."

8/10 - XCWarrior 64

"This is a game that I remember playing as a child and being HIGHLY confused. The combat system was baffling and I didn't understand why muscle man was beating up bird-looking guys.. Going back and trying it (after seeing this article pop up), I realize that while it is pretty clunky, and while I still find enemies funny looking, it's a neat RPG/fighting/hybrid game."

8/10 - Bender 64

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nintendo life gave it 4/10 in 2009


i remember this game...who remembers Winback 64? great multiplayer on that one...


LOVED thia game (as i still do), the combat was easily one of the best around

@KFlow325 wow, someone else remembera Winback ? Amazing, great shooter/action game


A great game indeed, sad that not many people know of this game aside from Konami's other hits like Metal Gear Solid, Vandal Hearts, Goemon, Rocket Knight, Contra, Castlevania, and Suikoden.


never heard about or seen it


This one is new to me.


I loved this game! It was my duty to learn all the moves and "level"my character up as much as possible. Loved it! Hope this game comes back sometime....


Such a great and crazy game, perfect game for a 3ds remake.


I hope to see "Winback" on this list eventually!


Great game, enjoyed it a bunch. Feel bad for those who didn't try it out because they didn't know what it was by the title of the game.


I bought this the day it was released- if I remember correctly, it was hyped big time in nintendo power.....that being said, the game consumed me. Totally forgot about this title till now. I'm sure it hasn't aged well at all though. Even back in the day I remember the clunky controls.


Hybrid Heaven is still one of my favorites gaming experiences to this day. I loved the story, the characters and awesome cinema's through out the game. The atmosphere is also very well done. The combat is fun but a tad clunky and grinding some enemies to level up your skills can be somewhat tedious in a game like this. I give HH a 10/10. For me this game WAS METAL GEAR SOLID for n64, albeit a more sci-fi and zany story. I've played this game multiple times. Last week after beating METAL GEAR SOLID THE TWIN SNAKES again, I thought about this game and now seeing it in this review I'm tempted to play back though it again. Ah, such great memories.


winback64, isnt that a koei game? anyway, winback and hybrid heaven were two games i never got a chance to try out on the n64. heard good things about both though.


I used to own this, and found it to have an interesting story but overall was not a game I really liked. I also thought at the time it was mentioned that Hybrid Heaven was intended to be part of another Konamiverse, but now I can't quite remember which. :-


Dug this out just to review it myself haha.


I played this when it came out and loved it. Fun plot, good battle system, just hard enough. If anything, I thought the gun/zapper-thing mechanic was the thing that needed the most work.
Man I wanna whip out my N64 and play it again...


I LOVE this game!! I played a lot and I still have it.


Always wanted to play it. And now I just remembered another game-- Winback.


Has anyone played this and Metal Gear Solid on PS1? I loved this game but never had a Playstation. Then I stayed at my cousin's house once who had one and MGS so I tried it. I'm pretty sure they are the exact same game, only Konami changed some character design and added the awesome battle system to HH. I didn't play much of MGS so don't kill me if I'm wrong about the whole game, but the opening levels seemed practically identical in look, feel, and playstyle other than the fighting. It always made me wonder why MGS is considered such a classic and few even know about this game.


I loved this game, the story, cinematics and battle system. It had clunky control though, and the battle system would've been better with more special techniques or combos, I don't know. Still I loved it, one of my favorite N64 games.

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