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Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon

"The follow-up to Goemon's first 3D outing trades the free-roaming environments of its predecessor for a tighter and far more challenging 2.5 experience. The game comes with a two-player cooperative mode, which also extends to the series' renowned giant robot battles. Of particular note is the fantastic music, which merges traditional Japanese instruments and modern synthesisers to create an upbeat and incredibly catchy soundtrack."

9/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"Back when Konami still made great games in multiple genres, the Goemon series was one of the best. Sadly, we only received three of the games, but they were all winners-- this being the best one. A classic co-op sidescroller, Goemon's Great Adventure is one of the most overlooked games on the N64, and one of the best. Now get it on the VC!"

10/10 - SparkOfSpirit 64

"This and it's older brother on 64 are two games I have and will constantly revisit. It's quirky humor and charm translate over wonderfully to the non-Japanese speaking world. Goemon's Great Adventure captures what makes this series so enjoyable...solid platforming mechanics, wonderful art style, fantastic music...All this mixed in with a traditional Japanese "feel," a splash of exploration, and light hearted humor. True classic."

10/10 - Djreisat 64

"Changing things up a bit to 2.5D perpective instead of it's predecessor, the sequel to Goemon on the N64 remains a charming and challenging game that closely resembles it's 2D 8 and 16 bit old days. Awesome music coupled with 2 player cooperative mode and you got yourself a very neat package. What happened to you, Konami? Not a single Wii U game released!"

9/10 - Shiryu 64

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To avoid any potential confusion: Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon was called Goemon's Great Adventure in North America.


This was my favorite in the game's series, mostly because I played this with my friends all the time, trying to get to the end of the game before they had to go home for the day. I love the music in this one the most and listen to it even till today.

I wonder what happened to the Goemon's games anyway, we barely got some overseas.


I did enjoy this game, but this title actually received quite a lot of criticism back in the day for not being like the first title.


...bring it back, to the Wii u or 3ds.


I hope N64 games come to VC soon. I have not played any of the N64 Goemon games.


DASH DASH... Oh, wrong one


I preferred this Goemon game back in the day because 2D platformers were more my thing. However, as a retro gamer, the first N64 instalment is a much more exciting, addictive 1-player gaming experience.


This is one of the ultimate N64 games. Easily one of my favorites. I've got my n64 cart of it, and I'm assuming this and Mystical Ninja (N64) will come to the WiiU eventually since the SNES & GB one are out for WiiU and 3DS. One of Konami's best, I wish they'd bring him out more and parade him around. Come on already! Japan DS + Mobile only games = poo!


I love the music in this one a bit more than the first game, but overall the first game was better. Both great games though!



Ah, and the references of Jichael Mackson. Music and wit were the things I loved about this series. Speaking of music, in GGA, the first castle (Edo Castle?) and Toad Pass(?) were two of the catchiest themes I've ever heard in a game. I can still hum them today.

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