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"At a popular period for futuristic racers, Extreme-G was certainly not ground breaking... nor terrible either. Pace is extreme indeed; developers allowing this by misting the upcoming track, luckily not spoiling your ability to race. Admirable scenery (dystopian industries, Aztec past / future fusions) and fitting soundtrack rescue it because track layouts are sometimes unforgiving and multiplayer is unmemorable. A possible alternative to F-Zero X."

7/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"Being the first game in the franchise costed some points to Xtreme-G, but my inner TRON fan kept enduring what the game threw my way until completion. Amazing soundtrack, very nice 4 player modes and very creative track design make this a winner. It just not as good as the sequels. However, reaching Mach speed and producing a Sonic Boom remains a stunning experience."

7/10 - Shiryu 64

"At the time, I stuck to only buying first/second-party titles and renting third-party. Looking back, I wish I bought Extreme-G instead of F-Zero X. This game's visuals are a lot more interesting and the the sense of speed is greater with the more detailed terrain. The weapons make 4-player racer-to-racer interaction more practical too. Furthermore, the soundtrack seems more fitting for a futuristic racer."

7/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"It's a more or less fun game, with medium graphics, average gameplay, with the only great point being the soundtrack. And there's the competition, how can you pay attention to an average game when you have, on the same console, F-Zero X, Star Wars Racing, Mario Kart 64 and Top Gear Rally. In a time of amazing racing games, Extreme-G can't reach the bar."

5/10 - Frank90 64

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Amazing game! One of the best of its kind!


At first, it did seem utterly uncontrollable at top whack, but with practice, it became a damn fine edge-of-the-seat racer. I liked it, anyway


Man this game could easily just eat time away from you!!! So fun the graphics were really good too! Slice of 64 gold.


This is begging for a VC Release.

Hello Nintendo, do you remember the VC?


I loved playing this game with my brothers. We didn't have F-Zero X so this was our alternative to Mario Kart. Especially when one of my little brothers "friends" stole our copy of Mario Kart. This game is weaponized motorcycles in a futuristic setting. What's not to love?


I loved this game so much when it came out.


FishEye Cheat, Unlimited Turbo Cheat, Hyperspeed Cheat and off you go!


MAN i LOVED this game! Wish they'd do a new one in 3D even though its probably the most unlikely thing to happen. EXTREME-G3D. I'm happy NintendoLife is jogging my memory


@claypool Is it opposites day already? You know, the day where we only say things opposite from the truth.


This series is one of my favorite from one of my favorites developers of all time- Acclaim. Extreme-G, XG2, Extreme-G III and XGRA are games that I highly praise. I'm a huge fan of futuristic high speed racers and I play this series regularly every year or so. What can I say its fast, fun and exhilarating. I love F-Zero and its machines that hover around, but Extreme-G's terrestrial bound super bikes absolutely kick asphalt!


Extreme-G to me: the better Wipeout!


I'd actually forgotten about this game! Was good to waste some time playing multi player when everyone got fed up of losing on goldeneye.


The tracks were unforgiving indeed, crash, boost, crash boost crash... yet somehow all I ever wanted was to go faster


I enjoyed the Extreme-G games. The only thing that didn't work was Battle Mode.



It was the game all my friends had yet no one went out of their way for. It was just expected that it was there.It always was. Great multiplayer.


The graphics may not have been anything special but the art style was great and the courses were great top music and for its day the gameplay was fast and furious fun a solid 8 definitely.


There are SO many games that I wish would get a virtual console release! So many N64 games I never got a chance to play.


I would pay any amount of money for a 3DS verion. 60fps with updated graphics... I'd die.


Interesting. I've never heard of this game before.


Oh I loved this game as well, the same goes for F-Zero X and Wipeout (though I didn't play this title that often)! I think I never actually owned them, but my Dad rented me some N64 games every weekend.

If I recall correctly, XG2 was even better, maybe because of the graphics. But I absolutely loved the thrill of speed the XG-Games offered /F-Zero X was already fast, but XG beat it).
I'm not sure who posseses the rights for the old Acclaim titles right now, but a VC release would be awesome! The same goes for Turok 2 and Shadowman.
But I highly doubt this, since porting N64 games to VC seems to be a hard task because of the architecture of the console.


Ops, miss-typed Extreme-G on my review to Xtreme-G. I do that all the time. if any admins can fix it, I would be tankful. ^_^;

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