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Cruis'n USA

"An arcade port that never used the N64's true capabilities and looked easily at home on a PSOne with its pop-up cardboard scenery. Although there are finer racers on the system, it's an enjoyable arcade-style racer: plenty of tracks with recognisable locations, and unlockable cars. It's slightly average but as a Brit who's only ever been to New Orleans, I enjoy cruising the USA."

6/10 - Steven Smith 64


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"This may not be a great port of an arcade game series, but heck if I didn't make some good memories with this. The controls were responsive from what I remember, and there was some memorable if cheesy music to go along with the package. A personal favorite thing to do was run head on with an oncoming bus... Yeah, really stupid, but fun."

6/10 - Lunapplebloom 64

"Cruisin USA was a game that I absolutely did not enjoy as a kid, and now being a grown man I can safely say that I still do not enjoy it. It was an arcade port that did not really shine compared to the much better arcade racers of the era... With classics like Rush 2049 and Hydro Thunder on N64, it's not great."

3/10 - Bender 64

"When Crusin' USA hit arcades, it was impressive enough to claim a few dollars from me, especially since it touted itself as a sneak peak of the "Nintendo Ultra 64". Then previews of other games showed the system doing real 3D environments instead of cardboard. The only thing that could save this port is if it could bring the full-motion arcade cabinet with it."

3/10 - VGScrapbook 64

"There are better arcade racing games available than Cruis'n USA": that was my initial thought while driving in this game for the first time. It just isn't fun to play. There are plenty of better racers: Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero GX etc. But if you want to see a piece of N64 history, then go on and give it a try."

4/10 - Luffymcduck 64

"There maybe be better racers on the Nintendo 64 but for some reason I have always found myself going back to this game. I think this is the first racing game on a console that I remember the cars looking like real cars instead of pixilated versions of real cars and location like real locations. I Still enjoy crusin down Chicago's Lower Wacker Drive."

7/10 - Tasuki 64

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I loved Cruisin USA. My brothers and I played this a ton when the 64 first came out. I would have picked it up for the virtual console too, but you can get the secret vehicles since you don't have c buttons, only a c-stick.


I loved the Arcade game. (That was a good way of hyping a console - but was totally different hardware).

When I got it for the N64 I thought it was not good enough. (Or even much like it).


I played a lot of the sequel: Cruis'n World!


@Ricube Yay Cruis'n World! Loved that one.
God I miss Midway and their cheap thrills arcade ports.


I disagree with these reviews. This game should get an 8/10. Exotica was horrible and should get a 7/10 while World should get a 9/10.


@NTELLIGENTMAN Haha, of course they're opinion pieces so you are quite free to disagree. I'm amused how a game you call horrible deserves a 7 though? Review scores are fun.


I thought this was ok. Technically relatively impressive for it's time, if I'm recalling correctly (although that might have just been the arcade version when it first came out) but nothing particularly special.


I have a lot of fond memories playing this game back in late 96 early 97. While the graphics were kind of a let down, the whole vibe of the arcade game was there. My friends and I played relentless trying to unlock all the vehicles and beat the game. The music for me is really made this game, that and the just the whole vibe of Crusin the USA. I love this game and its probably my favorite in the series. Its sequel Crusin World was even better. Crusin Exotica was alright and the GBA Crusin Velocity was absolutely trash. Overall USA and World are great fun arcade racers and tons of fun to play with friends. 9/10


I did like Crusin' USA at the time it came out. Unfortunately, not only did first- and third-party racers eventually overtake it in popularity, but it's sequel Crusin' World is probably the worst racer I've seen on any platform, which taints the original's namesake.


I loved this in the arcade and was stoked when it came to the N64. I played it non stop back in the day & still pop it in for nostalgia sakes.


Still enjoy this game to this day. Yeah there are other better racers out there but for some reason I keep coming back to this one.


Loved this game back in the early days of the N64. Highly doubt its held up, but it sure was a lot of fun back in the day.


Pfft forget this, where is cruisn the world?! i stayed up all night playin that with an old buddy of mine, drinkin Dr pepper with sour punch straws and goin crazy with popcorn. fun times


I remember this game back on the arcade machine. I rented this game on the N64, I never really got into it.


beetle adventure racing, san francisco rush, top gear rally, world driver championship, mrc racing(?), gt64, automobili lamborghini(sp), top gear overdrive were all racing games i found more enjoyable than crusin usa.


Awful, awful game. Worth 30 seconds of anybody's time for 'what were they thinking' comedy value but that's it.


I'm not going to lie - this game is not that good. The graphics were terrible, the gameplay was bad, and the physics could not be more off. Yet somehow I enjoyed playing this. It was incredibly dated in 1996 but even moreso today. It's by no means a deep game and it is the furthest thing from the quintessential racing game, but I pop this one into my N64 every so often for a quick run through the country. 6/10

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