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Chameleon Twist

"Chameleon Twist is the game that Yoshi's Story should have been. Playing as an anthropomorphised chameleon, you're tasked with traversing a range of 3D environments, using your character's remarkably long tongue to reach otherwise inaccessible places and defeat enemies. An innovative idea that uses the control stick to its strengths, and one which is endearingly portrayed with cute visuals and a really catchy soundtrack."

8/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"My brother and I actually had this game and although we beat and enjoyed it we really didn't have any choice since our parents weren't going to get us a different game! It's certainly not a bad game for the time but it's fairly easy and it was definitely developed with kids in mind. I do vaguely remember enjoying a multiplayer battle game though..."

6/10 - Kevlar44 64

"I loved this game as a kid. The innovative control mechanic is very fun to use. My main gripe is that the game has a distinct lack of polish, but the sequel makes up for that. An unusual game, but worthwhile for N64 enthusiasts to try! I hope Chameleon Twist 3 gets announced at the next E3! (I can dream, right guys? Right? Right? RIGHT?)"

7/10 - SyntheticPerson 64

"1997 was the year that two underrated 3D platformers were made: Croc Legend of the Gobbos and Chameleon Twist. While I grew up playing the former on the PSX, I got a chance to play the latter a few years ago, and personally I enjoy it. Controls may take a bit to accustom to, and it’s incredibly short, but while it lasts it’s enjoyable."

8/10 - StarBoy91 64

"While not a perfect experience, Chameleon Twist has enough unique charm to be worth a play. The analogue stick-controlled tongue gameplay is used in a good variety of ways to defeat enemies and traverse the worlds. While the level design, story and graphics are nothing to write home about, they get the job done to create an interesting, but very flawed, N64 video game."

6/10 - bizcuthammer 64

"This is a bit of a weird one, I remember renting this and it was down right unusual, you play as this chameleon who pursues this rabbit down a whole (stealing a page out of Alice in Wonderland) The controls felt kind of stiff and the boss fights couldn't be anymore straight forward While it isn't bad it isn't good either not much else."

6/10 - traceman 64

"My friend brought this over, and was sure I'd enjoy it. Unlike The Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, he was dead wrong about this one. The tongue mechanic did not work that well, the platforming was basic and not that fun. I played it for a couple of hours to be nice, but would not buy this for even $1 if I saw it again."

4/10 - XCWarrior 64

"I saw the cover of this game years ago but I played it first time only recently. First thing I can say about this Chameleon Twist that it's the shortest 3D-platformer ever. It does have some fun play mechanics involving your characters long tongue but it doesn't make up enough for it's really short main campaign. Now if someone could make a 3D-Yoshi game..."

6/10 - Luffymcduck 64

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"Chameleon Twist is the game that Yoshi's Story should have been." Fighting words Mr. Watts!

Haha, but this looks so good! I've been wanting to try this ever since it came out - wonder what the chances are we'll ever see it on Wii U VC? ::tongue crossed::


I remember this game, I rented it back in the day. I would not mind playing this game again. It was pretty fun for what I remembered.


Never ever heard of this game before, where are banjo Kazooie and goldeneye?


Figured I'd give a negative review since I did play this, and apparently I'm one of the few. In my mind, you guys didn't miss much.


It is a short and easy platformer. I think only 5 or 6 levels. First gen N64 graphics too. At least the gameplay was good. 6/10

Chameleon Twist 2 (also on N64) was better.


Remember having this game. As a young kid I definitely remember it being fun anyway (though I think everything was fun back then).


I think giving it a 6 was a little too generous (though I wish I could revise my score) any way I can't believe this trash got a sequel


"Chameleon Twist is the game that Yoshi's Story should have been" hahahahahahaha no and you are a crazy person for thinking so

and i like the game, but hahahahaha I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing


OOH! I remember this! A lot of fun!


Beetle Adventure Racing and Spacestation Silicon Valley next please!


I never played the original, but 2 was loads of fun, from what I remember. I wanted to pick this up on the virtual console, if it ever came to it.


This hole 64x64 theme is making me so anxious of getting N64 Virtual Console already for WiiU... In November, the WiiU will be 2 years old and we got not more news than the official site citing GBA and N64 to release "soon". We already have GBA but even DS games on VC got more attention on January and June this year..


I played this game and beat it. Good times.


Never played this one. I'll go check it out on YouTube...

Edit: Looks pretty meh.


Wow- almost forgot about this game completely. Rented it back in the day from ritz over a weekend during the early days of the n64. Wasn't a bad little game but nothing terribly special...


Way better then its sequel. Though I more than likely remember it being better then it probably is.


I saw a great episode of The Backlog w/ Joe Walker with Chameleon Twist, and I've wanted to find a copy every since. (Shout out to Nintendo Life alumnus @SpaceKappa!)


I used to claim Ocarina of Time as my first video game, but after a while I figured it was probably this game. That jazz soundtrack.


With so many good games on N64 and you keep talking about mediocrity. Where are the Turoks, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye, The World is Not Enough, Rocket: Robot on Wheels, Bettle Adventure Racing, Ridge Racer, World Driver Championship, F-1 WGP, F-1 WGP 2, Pilotwings, ShadowMan, F-Zero X, Extreme G, Smash Bros, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, Rogue Squadron, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Jet Force Gemini, Conker, Donkey Kong 64, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask...?


@DarkCoolEdge Thank god for the variety. We can't always just keep talking about Zelda and Mario, now can we? Especially with these extremely short reviews. What would they be supposed to say about those big classics in 64 words? I'm glad they're broadening the focus to some overlooked (good) games like Chameleon Twist.


I actually really enjoyed this game. Also, everytime I played it I wanted to run out and buy tons of ice cream!


This game may not be incredible, but I still would of loved to give it a shot at least once. There are so many gems on the N64 that it's ridiculous.


Yeah, it's good they bring up these more obscure games. I got to play this for the first game only recently and even if it's not a classic, I'm glad I got to play it.


This game surprised me. I rented this back in the day and thought it was gonna suck. Well, it wasn't the best game but I still had fun with it. It was a simple platformer and the chameleon tongue moves were interesting. It was incredibly easy and short but I still enjoyed it. Dunno how well it holds up today though. 7/10

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