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Beetle Adventure Racing

"Arcade-style racing from the creative minds behind N64 launch title, Pilotwings 64. What makes Beetle Adventure Racing so enjoyable is that it feels fast and doesn?t punish you too much when you make mistakes. It looks pretty good too, with its decent lighting effects and accurate VW Beetle models. The multiplayer battle mode makes for a nice change of pace from the standard races."

8/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"A rather unique racer / adventure hybrid from a time when EA actually supported Nintendo home consoles. Featuring the then new Volkswagen Bettle, it remains a charming, fun arcade racer up to four players with very impressive drawing distance, upbeat soundtrack an enough content to keep you coming back for more. Even if you don't like Volkswagens, don't leave this one parked on the side-walk."

8/10 - Shiryu 64

"Great racer. There's only six tracks, but they're long and have plenty of shortcuts. My favorite track is Inferno Isle. The graphics look nice, but the music is a big average. The controls are nice. There's different camera views, and I prefer the first person view. Can't say much regarding the multiplayer. In conclusion, this is one of the better N64 racers I've played."

8/10 - cheetahman91 64

"Before I played it, I took this as nothing more than a cheap advertising game for the new model Beetles. This game surprised me when I finally rented it. With excellent controls, lots of track shortcuts to explore, and a catchy soundtrack to drive to, Beetle Adventure Racing is one of the best racers, period. It should be a part of everyone's N64 collection."

9/10 - GloryQuestor 64

"One of the best arcade racers ever. The tracks were wildly detailed, with set pieces and events making you want to sight see as much as race. I remember hitting a jump wrong, or barreling into a wall only to discover one of the countless short-cuts. Even with only six tracks the replay-ability was staggering as there was so much to explore and discover."

9/10 - TRON 64

"Everybody's second favourite N64 racing game, it's truly a great game while not quite doing enough to be considered the definitive racer on the console. Underlooked by some - probably because of it's strange name - but a game that stands the test of time, and would be worthy of an HD re-visit for modern consoles! Made when games were designed to be fun to play!"


"With great graphics at the time, catchy music till this day, and a good sense of speed and exploration in varied "theme" tracks, Beetle Adventure Racing remains an all-time favorite for the N64 console. Whether racing, exploring, or battling it out, it is as fun in single player mode as it is in multiplayer. Highly recommended for those who have yet to play it."

9/10 - kendorage 64

"An incredible hidden gem of a game. Although there were only a handful of tracks each was lovingly crafted, expansive and an absolute joy to play. The added challenge of traversing multiple routes to break every crate made each track addictive to the point of replaying them hundreds of times. The ludicrous comedy charm and madcap arcade fun of Beetle Adventure Racing just rocks."

9/10 - YoshiTails 64

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How is there no comments in here yet? Anyways, even this was better then Mario Kart 64 in my book. Tons of fond memories from this excellent racer! 9-10 from me.


a bit of a suprise this one, great racer, the suprise was beetles going fast i never seen one travel more than 30 mph down bradford road.


I have literally never heard of this game, may have to try to find a cart...


My god, this game made me smile so much. I loved the crazy tracks, especially the Holloween themed track. I'm gonna have to break this back out. This is also one of the very few EA games I own.


I own this game, totally awesome. Battle mode is awesome


I have this game as well, and it's a clear example that the N64 was the king of racing games. Awesome game!


I loved this game. Sadly, because of the Volkswagen's license, it is unlikely it will ever show up on the Virtual Console.


Beetle Adventure Racing was one of the first retro reviews that I contributed to Nintendo Life. It's such a superb game. F-zero X, Ridge Racer 64, the Rush games, and BAR are easily my fave non-Kart racers for the Nintendo 64.


never played it but i remember the commercials played alot on tv


Loved this one back in the day... great tracks, so much hidden stuff to find


I have foggy of memories playing this. I used to love using the police car.


I remember this game for only one reason the pal version of the game having the worst black borders I've ever seen it has to be to this day the worst pal conversion ever

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