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BattleTanx: Global Assault

"BattleTanx: Global Assault is one of those games that deserved far more attention than it actually got. Incorporating fast-paced gameplay based around tank warfare, the game's sense of scale and all-out action is surprising for an N64 title. The campaign mode is a tad repetitive, although more enjoyable when played cooperatively; it's the wealth of multiplayer options that make this worth coming back to."

7/10 - Martin Watts 64


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"BattleTanx: Global Assault is one of best video games I have ever played. I remember picking this game up in 1999 and was I blown away with hours of fun game play with friends. I absolutely, loved this game so much that, I played this game every year with GoldenEye. I really would love if the vehicular combat genre would make another come back."

10/10 - JamesTheHitman 64

"Battletanx: GA is a fun sequel to another great time waster on the N64. The main mode in the game is enjoyable, considering the goal is plain and simple - blow up the baddies. And multiplayer was tons of fun, nothing quite like dropping nukes on your friends from afar. Game was silly but provided plenty of hours of enjoyment. Where did this genre go?"

8/10 - XCWarrior 64

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I loved this game as a kid! Too bad I've since lost my copy.
This and Destruction Derby 64.


One of the best multiplayers on N64. In the Tank Wars mode each player was given their own squad of tanks. The weapons were awesome too, ranging from cannons to flamethrowers, mines, fly by wire missiles, turrets. And it all ran at a decent speed too.


This was an amazing game


Between BattleTanX and Conkers Bad Fur Day these 2 games got 90% of my multiplayer attention for the tail end of my N64 days.
Too bad we never got the 3rd entry into the Trilogy because 3DO went under. Sad because I miss the Army Men games as well.


Many a weekends over at my buddies house playing this with his brother. A real entertaining multiplayer and a fun coop single player. BattleTanx is awesome. I wish a new one would be made.


Yea, the battle tank games where some of my fav multiplayer games back then. I cant remember which one was better, but if I recall, there was 2 I had and we got plenty of play time out of them.


@JimLad YES! Tank Wars was by far the best mode. So much action on-screen as a result!


Never played this one.. Guess I should hunt it down!


The memories! They are coming back to me!


I adored the first game as a kid, and fondly remember renting this one. I've been aching to find a copy of it, but alas my search has proved fruitless.


This was one of my all time favorite games on the 64! I didn't care too much for the single player, but the multi-player was awesome! My favorite tank was the Rattler!

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