You may already know by now that I love deep dives, especially into the Zelda and Pokémon series — I've probably written thousands of words doing trailer breakdowns and lore explanations across the games over the past couple of years here on Nintendo Life.

So imagine how I feel discovering that there's an artist out there making a Pokémon X Zelda mash-up, with incredible thought put into the details. Bilsu Art has been showing off his "Zelda-Based Fakemon Region" for the past few weeks on his YouTube channel, and I'm already completely in love with it.

This imaginary Pokémon/Zelda game is called "Link Dimension", and it's incredibly cool. You'll start the game choosing one of three starter Pokémon, based on the Deku, Goron, and Zora races instead of Grass, Fire, and Water, and they look like this:

Link's Dimension by Bilsu Art
Image: Bilsu Art

But that's just the beginning! They also evolve into detailed designs, like the Goron final evo, which references Death Mountain:

it wouldn't be Zelda without horrible spiders — sorry, Skulltulas — and Bilsu Art has a really cute little version of Ocarina's arachnids:

And Gohma — you know Gohma, the bug-queen you get to fight in almost every Zelda game at this point — gets her own three-evolution line, starting with the painfully sweet Gohmite:

There are Fakemon based on the Blue Cucco, the Master Sword, the Hyrulian Shield, Wallmasters, and the Ancient Guardians, and Bilsu Art is just getting started.

Link's Dimension by Bilsu Art
Image: Bilsu Art

You see, in order to create Link's Dimension, Bilsu Art completely overhauled the type system. Pokémon types like Grass, Ground, and Ghost have been renamed to more Zelda-appropriate names, but also to widen the typing net and catch creatures from the Zelda games that don't fit the Pokémon typing. Here's the full list of Link's Dimension types and their rough Pokémon equivalents:

  • Forest (Grass)
  • Electric
  • Draconic (Dragon)
  • Desert (Ground)
  • Fire
  • Bug
  • Sky (Flying)
  • Phantom (Ghost)
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Hyrule (Normal)
  • Toxic (Poison)
  • Metal (Steel)
  • Warrior (Fighting)
  • Stone (Rock)
  • Spirit (Fairy)
  • Time (Psychic)
  • Twilight (Dark)

Does this concept interest you? Then make sure to check out Bilsu Art's Youtube channel, Instagram, and Twitter — we expect to find out even more about Link's Dimension in the coming weeks and months!