Earlier this year during a Nintendo Life indie spotlight, Toree developer Siactro revealed it would be bringing its new 3D platformer and collect-a-thon Super Kiwi 64 to the Nintendo Switch at some point this year.

It's now locked in a release window - revealing this new N64-inspired 3D game will be launching on the Switch eShop at some point in December 2022. Players can look forward to "low poly late 90s retro looks", plenty of cool platforming abilities and levels that can be completed in any order.

As part of this, it will also be bringing Beeny to the Nintendo Switch on October 14th. This is a prelude to Super Kiwi 64 and is described as a vertical 2D platfomer, with a pre-rendered early 90s look. Here's a look at it in action:

While you wait for both of these games to arrive - Toree 3D and Toree 2 are well worth a look, if you haven't already played them. And they also offer up some retro-style platforming that's actually quite good.

What do you think of the latest trailer for Super Kiwi 64? How about the prelude? Comment below.