Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo

Verification ticks are an important part of social media and websites like YouTube nowadays - allowing users to easily identify legitimate channels and accounts. With this in mind, it seems Nintendo's American YouTube channel has recently lost its tick.

As highlighted in a post on the Nintendo subreddit (via GoNintendo), the Nintendo channel for America, simply called "Nintendo" has recently been renamed to "Nintendo of America". In the process, it has lost its verification badge.

The Nintendo of America channel will no doubt get its check mark back sooner or later. Until then, this is essentially a heads-up that it's had a name change, and that it's still the official channel and not a fake account. Another easy way to work this out is by looking at the subscriber count. The real channel has around 8.61 million subs.

As some comments in the same thread suggest, this name change could possibly be due to new YouTube policies or even tied to Nintendo wanting particular branding on certain channels. If you aren't already subscribed to Nintendo's YouTube channels, it's well worth it - with new trailers normally uploaded every week.

If we hear any updates about this story, we'll let you know.

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