Just a few weeks ago we caught wind that Cannon Dancer — often referred to as the unofficial sequel to the Capcom classic Strider — would be coming to the Switch. With no official announcement nor Western confirmation, we kept our excitement tightly under wraps. But the wrapper is off now, folks! We now have a brand new trailer for Cannon Dancer as well as confirmation of a 2023 release and some info on a special physical release which is bound to get fans' blood flowing.

The above trailer gives us a first look at Cannon Dancer's console gameplay, which shows you climbing, kicking, punching and shooting your way through a gorgeously retro-looking dystopian future. All this is accompanied by a shredding soundtrack, too; could a trailer get any cooler?

Originally released in the 1990s, the action jump-and-run's time in Western arcades was cut short by a limited number of machines and the rise of home gaming. Developed by designer Kouichi 'Isuke' Yotsui (known for his work on Strider) and the artist Takashi Kogure, the game's relatively short lifespan has subsequently made it one of the most sought-after titles in arcade history.

This revamped Switch release — coming in early 2023 — will be the first time many of us will get our hands on Cannon Dancer, and what a time it will be to play it! With a brand-new translation and additional features including updated graphics and a rewind function, the re-release promises to be the real deal.

For a better idea of what features you can expect to see in the game, check out the official breakdown from ININ Games below:

- Ported on modern consoles for the first time in history
- Classic retro games mechanics, praised for their speed and agility
- A total of six stages set in different, exotic locations
- Three different types of power-ups
- Tons of bosses and enemies
- Variety of wondrous retro scenarios and graphics with bright and even psychedelic colours, related to the final bosses of each stage
- Rewind feature
- Save and Load feature

Cannon Dancer will be appearing at the Tokyo Games Show next week, with publisher ININ Games currently advertising a meet-and-greet opportunity with Yotsui-san and Kogure-san on September 17th. Be sure to keep an eye on the studio's Twitter for more details.

On top of getting excited for the chance to play Cannon Dancer, ININ Games has also announced that the title will be getting a physical release as both a Limited Edition (physical copy and game manual) and a Collector's Edition which includes an art book, game soundtrack, postcards, posters, arcade coins and much more. The physical copies will be released by Strictly Limited Games, with pre-orders kicking off on September 18th at 3pm PST/ 6pm EST / 11pm BST.

Cannon Dancer Collectors Edition
Image: ININ Games

With only a few months to go until the game's release, we're ready to leap into the dystopian future and flex our muscles while taking down a corrupt government.

What do you make of the Cannon Dancer trailer? Have you played the game before? Give us your memories down below!

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