Toree 2
Image: Diplodocus Games

If you were stranded in an strange city with oodles of time to spare, what would you do?

You might spend the time sightseeing, of course, wandering the streets with Google Maps at your side and trying depserately to not look quite so "touristy". You could relax in your hotel, read a book, watch a bit of Countdown, or simply chill out in the lobby with your trusty Switch while sipping on a caramel latte.

Our lovely video producer Alex decided to do something a little bit different after becoming stuck in Birmingham during Hookshot Media's Staff Day due to the railway strikes. He still played on his Switch, granted, but it was with a purpose. He set out to become a world-record speed runner - quite the feat, we're sure you'd agree!

The thing is, though..? He succeeded! After a bit of research and some tinkering with the hotel's mounted TV and his Switch settings (a white home theme?!), Alex settled on playing Toree 2, a relatively quick game that wouldn't prove too much of an undertaking under the circumstances.

So settle in, dear readers, and check out the below video for all the lowdown on how Alex went about becoming a world-record speed runner. Enjoy!