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Berzerk Studio's fantastic, tough-as-nails retro adventure game Infernax has just received a pretty hefty update.

Available on all platforms now, Nintendo Everything reports that update 1.02 brings a huge number of quality of life and accessibility updates that should help improve the game and adds accessibility options.

For a good look at just what the developer has improved in the game, here are the full patch notes straight from the game's Steam page.

Version 1.02, 4th August

- Accessibility features have been greatly enhanced and overhauled and now have their own dedicated menu.
- Added option to adjust saturation and contrast in-game to accessibility menu.
- Added option to remove particle animation to accessibility menu.
- Added option to remove background animation to accessibility menu
- Added option to add distinct color tints to game elements to accessibility menu.
- Further improved reduction of both screen shake and flash animations when set to ‘minimal’ via accessibility menu.
- Added option to swap control joysticks and adjust deadzone to advanced controller settings.
- In Casual mode, “dying” to a pitfall or drowning will now respawn the player on the edge they fell from if the player has enough remaining health points, instead of instant death.
- Multiple text and localization fixes.
- Improved V-Sync support.
- Fixed some instances where Door collisions could become unresponsive.
- Fixed possibility to steal from the Church more than once during night time.
- Donation chest now requires multiple hits to make sure the choice isn't accidental.
- Fixed possibility of losing first key if dying at the same time as the Red Aberration by changing logical checks linked to the event start and key obtention.
- Reward for performing a successful exorcism increased to 300 gold.
- Added auto-save upon exiting Castles 1 to 5 to prevent progress loss if dying after finishing a Castle without having saved.
- Fixed being able to trigger Paimon resurrection from other corpses then his.
- Fixed soft-lock if trying to start a new game as Maxime Gunn with maximum save slots already filled.
- Player will now properly collide with Spike Boxes while on Moving Platforms.
- Every dialog triggered through input should now check for nearby enemies before allowing interaction.
- Fixed Shield Spell being able to despawn when killing one of the dual bosses in Castle 6.
- Fixed Shield Spell despawning when switching day-time or reloading the same level.
- The lever at the gallows will now only be there during the execution event.
- Fixed mis-aligned Evil Save Shrine in front of Castle 3.
- Fixed possibility to hit Crocell during her eye closed animation cycle.
- Fixed possibility to softlock during the initial Darsov Fight by having the monster push NPCs out of bounds.
- Added ability to back out of difficulty Select Screen.
- Removed Block VFX spawning while attempting to drain life on some enemies during their invisible states.
- Fixed incorrect corpse visual in Katska Hideout.
- Fixed missing Jetpack helmet on some Evil Alcedor frames.
- Fixed missing default dialog handling with incompatible morality values for James and one of the Vagabonds at the nearby camp.
- Fixed Tancred colliding and blocking the Hero’s Projectiles during his Protect Quest.
- Reduced camera bounds during the Attack Tancred event.
- Fixed possibilities for Tancred to cancel out of his "finish him" stance at the end of Darsov Assault.
- Fixed wrong portrait for Cultist Dialog during the Defend the Bridge event.
- Fixed Hero projectiles getting despawned during Boss Death, especially for fights with multiple bosses.
- Fixed possibility to trigger Gregor exorcism more than once.
- Fixed Death Screen music not looping.
- Revised Drain Life casting rules to minimize the possibility of wasting the spell. Improved visual feedback when Drain Life cannot be cast.
- Multiple fixes for Blood VFX color, both from hits and Drain Life spell.
- Fixed some instances of Down Strike's hit VFX not having the proper color.
- Fixed Background color in a cave environment during night on the way to Robert's Hideout.
- Fixed Evil Ending artwork displaying Alcedor with his Good Tabard.
- Fixed Mayor's Goon not awarding experience.
- Fixed Demon Form Alcedor having Mace during Evil Credits.
- The range at which the Castle 3 event can be triggered is now more generous.
- Fixed being able to Drain Life from invisible Sorcerers.
- Fixed Nightbeasts not dropping coins.
- Fixed being able to skip the initial zombie encounter by flying / infinite jumping over it.
- Fixed Null Ref if dying in Darsov Battle room with the Gate.
- Fixed Null Ref if using Drain Life on Scorpion during Darsov Battle.
- Fixed Boss Reveal music still playing if skipping intro for Castle 5 and Future Bosses.
- Fixed Robert not being registered in Demonology when dying during his stand-off event.
- Fixed Drowning animation flickering while playing with non-regular Heroes.
- Fixed Thunder flash looping if cast right before a scripted dialog would occur.
- Fixed Darsov Protect scripted events triggering after Player death.
- Fixed hit SFX during Destroy Relic event with Axcedor.
- Fixed wrong portrait for alternate Heroes during both fights against Tancred.
- Fixed possibility to trigger Ram Hideout Door animations twice.
- Fixed Lord of Maggot's corpse collision so it cannot clip walls.
- Added quotation marks to Kickstarter Grave Messages.
- Fixed quest update display when meeting Julius outside Darsov during exorcism questline.
- Fixed quest update display after picking up the Necronomicon in Robert's Hideout.
- Fixed possibility to farm xp by re-entering Castle 1 Boss room after defeating him.
- Fixed two seperate NPCs having the name "Christopher".
- Fixed floating eye spawning under a water wheel on the way to Castle 3.
- Fixed instances of scripted jumps not properly supporting Infinite Jump.
- Fixed a platform collision in Castle 4's top room that was too generous and problematic when navigating on the way back.
- Fixed a corner collision on the way to Castle 3 that was prone to clipping through regular navigation.
- Fixed a corner collision on the way to Kadjanto that was prone to clipping through regular navigation.
- Fixed a corner collision in the Castle 5 room with multiple spear launchers that was prone to clipping through regular navigation.
- Fixed a corner collision in the first room of the eastern caves that was prone to clipping through regular navigation.
- Fixed a corner collision in the Castle 4 room that requires charge skill through a tunnel formation that was prone to clipping through regular navigation.
- Fixed a corner collision in Darsov Keep that was prone to clipping through regular navigation.
- Fixed possibility to trigger screen edge travel without activating bridge by clipping the rocks on the way to Skeleton Neighbor House.
- Fixed possibility to get soft-locked during scripted events by hopping on and off Bike.
- You can now drop-down through platforms while staying on Bike.
- Unmounted Bike now properly interacts with water.
- Fixed loss of control after dashing with the Bike right after activating it through manually entering the code from the Kickstarter Mausoleum shrine.
- Fixed possibility for Bike Controls to remain stuck during Castle Clear animation.
- Added proper handling for picking-up chest items while riding Bike.
- Fixed Last Weapon VFX still appearing when dashing on Bike while having them equipped.
- Fixed animation when being kicked by the Red Aberration in Darsov while on Bike.
- Added a block in a corner of Castle 4 to prevent Bike from staying perma-hit-stunned in between two spikes.
- You can now destroy the Dam with the Chainsaw.
- You can now perform Holy Charge with the Chainsaw.
- Fixed collision length of the Chainsaw Attack.
- Fixed Chainsaw SFX looping if started mid-air.
- Removed an invisible platform in Castle 6.
- Fixed a floor collision in Castle 4 that allowed Sorcerers to warp inside walls.

We hope these additions make the game easier to play for anyone who would like to use them, and that the fixes polish up some of the stuff we saw recurring post-launch. While waiting for this patch to make it through approvals, the team has already been working on what comes next. We think everyone will enjoy what we have planned, so stay tuned for updates when we've got more info to share.

Take it Easy,
-Berzerk Team

If you've been holding off on Infernax for a little while now, this might be the time to jump in. We really dug this retro-inspired game, which draws on classic Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, and Zelda, and awarded the game an 8/10 in our review.

Let us know if you're an Infernax fan in the comments below!

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