Hogwarts Legacy
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming action RPG based on the world of Harry Potter, has bagged a firm release date... Just not for the Switch.

If you're on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, you'll be playing Hogwarts Legacy on February 10th, 2023. It seems, however, that developer Avalanche Software needs a bit more time with the Switch version to "deliver the best possible game experience", though this statement could potentially have applied to all versions of the game given it had a projected launch window of "Late 2022" until today.

So, the release date for Switch is up in the air for now, and it almost begs the question: will Hogwarts Legacy for the Switch be a Cloud Version? Hmm... Food for thought. [Update: As pointed out in the comments, a physical box release has been announced, but hey — stranger things have happened!]

Nevertheless, we're still looking forward to seeing how this one turns out, and delaying a game with a goal of improving upon its overall quality is a win in our minds.

When do you think Hogwarts Legacy will launch on the Switch? Let us know in the comments!

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