If you're the kind of gamer who prefers pigs to punches and geese to guns, you'll no doubt have experienced what we're going to call the Material Bottleneck. Whether you're adding fences to your field in Stardew Valley or trying to figure out where to put your compost bin in Rune Factory, your lack of building materials — wood, stone, iron — can really put a halt to any plans you might have had. And what are you supposed to do? Let your cows roam free?!

After all, you can't build that barn, well, or greenhouse without the necessary resources, and until then, you have naught but your imagination to supply the details. And how on earth are you supposed to plan out your farm if you don't know how big things are? Or what colour they are? It's inhumane, we tell you.

But thank the gods of agriculture, because you won't have to suffer the inhumanity of an empty farm in SunnySide — a new and very in-depth farming game coming to Switch in 2023 — thanks to drone technology. The new trailer above is focused on building, and how SunnySide wants to change the way a farm is built.

With the use of SunnySide's ABA drone — the Aerial Building Assistant — you can plan out your entire farm from day one. You can be living the tent life and eating baguettes out of bins, but your eventual farmy layout will be visible in resplendent hologram form, allowing you to adjust your daily routine and figure out what resources you're going to need to make it a reality. For those of us who appreciate a visualisation of our hopes and dreams, it's an absolute must-have. Take note, Story of Seasons.

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