Publisher Merge Games has shared a brand new video of the rather delightful-looking Time on Frog Island as pre-orders go live on the US and UK Switch eShops — an exclusive trailer that includes a little sing-along with an overview of what the game is all about. Talk about a frog chorus, eh?

If you've somehow missed it, Time on Frog Island is a sandbox adventure where you'll need to barter with the locale frog folk in order to gain the necessary items to make your way back home. The new video gives you a great idea of the kinds of things involved, with a catchy ditty to boot.

If the game's blend of Zelda-style trading and Animal Crossing-style island wandering sounds familiar already, you might remember it from when the lovely Zion-from-Nintendo-Life took a look at the game earlier this year — you can check out that video at the bottom of the page.

Physical copies are available to pre-order now via the Signature Edition Games website at a price of £29.99 for the Switch, but will also be available from other major retailers.

Here's a list of features from Merge Games:

Explore at your own pace

- Make your own path in this island sandbox, you never know what will be around the next corner!
- Get to know the froggy locals and help out where you can.
- Discover new items by fishing and farming, and concoct simple brews that will change how you traverse the island.
- Learn from the frogs and put your new skills to the test around the island.

Trade to fix your boat

- Ask around for the items you need, but bear in mind that you might need to do a frog a favor to get what you want.
- Solve interesting puzzles to get your hands on required items.
- Try not to get too sidetracked by island life!

Experiment with everything!

- Run faster, jump higher, fall slower, anything is possible if you’re holding the right item.
- Discover different ways to complete those crucial trades.
- Each object you pick up could end up being the key to something bigger.

Time on Frog Island will launch digitally on July 12th, whereas the physical copies will launch a few days later on July 15th.

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Are you excited to get stuck in on Frog Island? Let us know in the comments and watch Zion's first visit in the video below.