Today's Indie World broadcast included some rather left-field titles, which is ideal for the platform of course. A title with a particularly interesting premise is We Are OFK, which is due to arrive this Summer.

OFK is a relatively new Indie band, having released its debut single 'Follow/Unfollow' in 2021, and this game is designed as not only a 'making-of-the-band series', but it'll also be a vehicle to release new music. When it launches it'll arrive across five weeks, with each week bringing an interactive animated episode and an interactive music video for the fresh tracks.

Some of the game's official description is below:

Itsumi Saito just moved Downtown and broke up with her long-term girlfriend, leaning into her dream of making it in music. But juggling practice, friends, a brutal commute to the west side, and a full-time job... Itsu is struggling to establish herself in the cutthroat music scene of LA. When she talks her way into a shmoozy Hollywood party and makes friends with a rising music producer, she sees a chance to bring her dreams a little closer.

We Are OFK is an interactive narrative series of arguing over lyrics, sending sad texts, and playing Interactive Music Videos, including OFK’s debut single “Follow/Unfollow” and more!

We'll be fascinated to see how this release plays out; it's certainly a creative approach to launching new music and raising awareness for a band.

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